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Laview ONE Halo Doorbell (2nd Gen) Other Leading Video Doorbells
3.2MP 2K Realtime recording and playback. 52% more detail 2.1MP recording and playback
24/7 continuous recording available* Only records video clips triggered by motion
Record on either Cloud / MicroSD/ NVR* for triple back-up and protection Only cloud recording available, must pay monthly fee and lose footage when there’s no internet.
Industry-leading Starlight True Color Night Vision See only black and white and lose critical information in dark
180-degree vertical viewing angle Cannot see kids and package on the floor
Motion alerts only triggered by human activity Many false alarms by irrelevant activity like trees and sunlight
HDR video shows sharp detail in bright and dark areas No HDR - details in dark shadows can get lost in bright light
IP65 guaranteed protection against rain and snow Not rated
Advanced H.264+ video codec allows 45% faster streaming Standard H.264 codec
8-24 VAC support more household power environment 16-24 VAC