Why WiFi?

At LaView, we understand that everyone has different needs based on their unique properties. We also understand your need to keep your walls in pristine condition so you get your security deposit back. That’s right renters, we’re talking to you! Personalized security systems aren’t just

Why Do We Need Security?

  Why Do We Need Security? Let’s be honest, the average person probably doesn’t actively think about security solutions on a daily basis. We all go to our jobs, school and about our daily routines without thinking of the options that are available to secure

Be the Owner of Your Own Security

The cost of a surveillance system can vary widely with different monthly fees and contracts. Monthly cost DIY security system may or may not make sense for your property depending on your situation. These types of security cameras usually rely on cloud storage, and that

iOS 11 Update

Please note that the following mobile applications have new and improved apps, now available from both iTunes and Google Play. Users with iOS11 please be sure to replace your app so that you may continue to enjoy your LaView system. All users using LaView Pro or