Top 4 Reasons You Need Security System for Your Business

Shopping for LaView Security systems for your business is easy and inexpensive. The benefits of our security systems, including deterring crime, supporting insurance claims and improving employee productivity, pay for themselves within a short amount of time.

Deterring Theft, Intruders and Crime

The mere presence of a security system camera is enough for a prospective thief to rethink their plan. The placement of security cameras can dramatically reduce theft and intruders, keeping your business safe and secure.

Cash Loss Prevention

The cast register is an extremely sensitive area and should be monitored at all times by a security system. With cameras facing the point of sale, stolen cash by dishonest employees can be monitored and recorded.

Reducing Insurance Cost and Supporting Claims

Insurance companies charge you more when your business does not have a video security system. Having evidence from surveillance camera security systems makes it much easier and faster to support your insurance claim.

Improving Employee Performance and Customer Satisfaction

Employees work harder when the boss is watching. Ensure your employees perform even when you are not around With a security system. This is good for business growth and promoting the best customer experience.

Security System Solutions for Small and Medium Business

Office Security

Placing surveillance cameras in the office helps to protect your employees as well as keeps them productive. Less aggressive looking cameras such as dome and turret cameras are commonly used to be less invasive in interior areas. Bullet camera security systems are recommended for exterior places to deter unwelcome visitors. Using higher resolution (4K, 4MP) and smaller viewing angle (4mm, 6mm, 12mm) is strongly recommended for high traffic areas such as entrances and hallways to ensure those places have maximum clarity and protection day and night.

Restaurant and Store Security

Finding the balance of protecting your business and not having too many cameras to make your customers uncomfortable is important. Placing the cameras with wide viewing angle lens (2.8mm, 3.6mm) at the corners can maximize the protected area with the least number of cameras. Dome and turret security system cameras are mostly used inside of stores while turrets are more common for restaurants with dim ambient light at night. Bullet cameras are often used outside to deter crime and potential intruders. If there is a large parking lot, consider a PTZ camera for zoomed protection.

Warehouse Security

With the largest amount of your business’s assets in your warehouse, you’ll want to maximize your video surveillance protection. Having the highest resolution of security system cameras (4K, 4MP) at entrances and exists is an essential practice and will show its value when incidents occur. Higher traffic areas and more valuable goods should of course have more cameras monitoring them. If cameras are to be mounted at higher positions, use varifocal cameras to zoom in closer to important areas. If the warehouse is large and open, PTZ cameras are necessary for overall monitoring.

Meet the Right Camera for Your Business


Bullet cameras are the easiest to install and mostly used. Placing the cameras outside and at the entrance helps to warn unwanted intruders and deter crimes.

Best For: Outdoor, Hallway, Entrance, Warehouse, Farm


Dome cameras are vandal proof and looks less invasive when placed indoor. The glass cover also helps to hide the camera’s field of view from distant locations.

Best For: Interior, Restaurant, Stores, Office, School


Turret cameras keep the aesthetic advantage of dome cameras as well as the protective housing, with improved night vision performance at low light condition.

Best For: Outdoor, Interior, Restaurant, Store, Office


PTZ cameras make it possible to adjust the viewing position and distance of the lens from the monitor center or even on a mobile device and is ideal for large areas.

Best For: Open area, Parking lot,Gate, Entrance, Warehouse, Farm


Varifocal cameras are used where there is a need to adjust the viewing angle or zoom in closer to identify a person or an object that is more than 50ft away.

Best For: Mounted at high or far location. Warehouse, Gate


4K cameras have 8 mega pixel (a.k.a. 8MP) and record 4 times as much as detail as 1080p (a.k.a. 2MP) cameras, at an effective resolution of 3840 x 2160.

Best For: High traffic area, Entrance, Open/ wide area,


Wireless cameras should only be considered when it is extremely hard to run the wires. If so, ensure there is ideal wireless router or AP around the cameras.

Best For: Detached room, Farm, Fence, Dormitory, Apartment

Night Vision

Night Vision is essential to protect your business and assets after working hours. Matrix IR technology helps to maximize the cameras’ night time performance.

Best For: Office, Warehouse, Restaurant, Farm, Entrance, Gate

How to Get Your Business Protected With LaView Security Systems

Power Over Ethernet

Transfer both video data and power with one single reliable Ethernet cable

High Definition

4KUltra HD captures precious detail with 300% more than 1080P cameras


Protect you and your business under any weather condition, all year round.

Wide Angle

Capture more detail with one camera and save overall equipment expense


Record audio to support crucial piece of evidence (Usage Vary by State Law)

Surveillance Hard Drive

Designed to record 24×7 and lasts 3 times longer than a traditional hard drive

Remote View & Notification

Monitor your business from anywhere. Get notified when unexpected events occur.

Easy to Install

Enhanced Plug&Play and PoE technology are designed for hassle-free installation.

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