HD 1080P Human Detection WiFi Camera

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HD 1080P Human Detection WiFi Camera


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  • Full HD 1080P (1920 x 1080) 2.1-megapixel resolution brings you a clear view of your property at all times.

  • Built-in mic and speaker for two-way audio, to keep in contact with anyone in the near vicinity of your IP camera.

  • Smart customizable motion detection with facial recognition keeps you alert to the movements and people that matter in your camera’s field of view.

  • IR night vision up to 33 ft. for extreme low light coverage, ensuring your high-quality view of your home even in the dark.

  • Built-in microSD slot (up to 128GB) for easy local storage to guarantee you keep all your important footage.

  • View and manage your footage remotely with the free mobile app and stay alert to any significant event on your property with motion detection push notifications.

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    Protect your home and loved ones with reliable and efficient surveillance provided by this indoor security camera. In addition to motion detection, experience face detection and face recognition* to maintain full awareness of who is in your home. Whether it is your kids, your spouse, or an unknown visitor, the camera can distinguish between those it recognizes and those it doesn’t. It delivers HD 1080P resolution, bringing you a clear view of your house via your smartphone or tablet, day and night. Plus, the built-in microphone and speaker allows you to listen and speak in real time with your family members so you never miss a moment. Recordings can be saved locally via a micro SD card or with the Cloud.



    Face Detection & Face Recognition

    We all want to make sure our loved ones are safe when they are home
    alone. With face recognition and face detection, the LaView Human
    Detection WiFi Camera tells you when your kids get home and alerts
    you if a stranger invades your house.

    Connect Seamlessly

    Wirelessly connect the camera to your network for a quick,
    hassle-free setup. Connecting your camera via Wi-Fi allows
    you to place it anywhere in your property to ensure you get
    the coverage you need. With a 150ft range, you’ll never have
    to worry about it losing its connection to your wireless router.
    Simply plug your camera into a power source and streamline
    your system by cutting your dependency on data cables.

    All the Details, Day and Night

    The camera boasts stunning HD 1080P resolution that will
    allow you to see all the fine details in your field of view.
    Additionally, you can depend on the camera at night with its
    exceptional IR night vision. See up to 30ft in the dark to view
    your residence at all times.

    Communicate from Anywhere

    The AI WiFi camera features built-in 2-way audio that allows
    you to communicate with anyone near the camera via
    our mobile app. Communicate with loved ones while
    you are away or calm your pets from a distance by
    speaking through the camera. Keep vocal contact with
    anyone at your property regardless of where you are.

    Gain Complete Awareness to Your Camera’s Surroundings

    Receive push notifications to your mobile device any time motion
    is detected in your camera’s field of view. When you are notified to
    movement on your camera, you will be able to view your live
    footage and review the event that triggered the camera’s motion

    Multitude of Storage Options

    The LaView Human Detection WiFi Camera will automatically record
    upon motion detection or facial detection as desired. Your important
    video data is then securely uploaded to the Cloud via encryption and
    is accessible for 24 hours. If you need additional recording time, you
    can extend your storage capacity with a subscription. Additionally, this
    security camera has a micro SD slot (up to 128GB) where you can
    choose to store your footage.

    Place the Camera Anywhere with Ease

    Easily mount the human detection camera wherever you need as its
    diminutive size makes it perfectly portable. The camera’s
    magnetic bottom connects to a metal mounting plate that
    you can attach to any surface. This allows the security camera to
    adhere magnetically to the mounting plate or any other
    compatible metal surface around your property.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Camera Features

    Does the camera have good night vision?

    The camera is equipped with Infred IR LED light to capture and record all the details up to 33ft at night.

    Does this camera support two-way talk?

    Yes. The camera has a built-in microphone and speaker to support two-way audio conversations via the LaView Life mobile App. You can easily speak to whomever is out side of your house from wherever you are.

    Can I record audio or disable recording audio?

    Yes. You can record audio with the built-in microphone on the camera. You can disable audio recording in the LaView Life mobile App.

    What resolution does this camera record at?

    The camera has the high resolution lens of 1080P, capturing detailed and vivid images at 1920*1080 at 15fps.

    What is the viewing angle for camera?

    The viewing angle to the camera is 110 degrees.

    Will I get notification alerts when a motion event is triggered in the camera’s view?

    Yes, the LaView Life App on your IOS and Android device will send you push notification alerts when there is any motion events in the camera.

    Will I get notification alerts when a stranger come near to the camera?

    Yes, the LaView Life App will send you push notification when unregistered family member shows up in the camera. You can also choose to receive notification when a registered family member shows up in the camera. In such case, you will get notification like 'Cindy shows up in the camera'

    How do I register a family member to the app

    You can register your family member in the LaView Life App. For most accuracy, please take 5 picture of the family member from different angle.

    How far will face recognition work?

    The camera can detect and recognize the faces as far as 6ft from the lens.

    Does the floodlight camera connect to 5GHz WiFi network?

    No. The camera only supports 2.4GHz WiFi network.

    Does the camera work under heavy rain or snow?

    No. the camera is designed to work indoor. Exposure to rain and snow may permanently damage the camera

    Does the camera support Alexa devices?

    As of now the camera does not support Alexa. We have plans to add this feature to it later.

    Mobile Apps & Software

    Can I see the camera from my iPhone /Android phone/ PC/ Mac?

    Yes. For iphone/ipad and Android phone/tablet, please download the free LaView Life App. PC and Mac support is not available at this time

    Is there any monthly fee to use the floodlight camera?

    Live view via the mobile app or a desktop program is always free with all LaView devices.

    Recording footage on MicroSD card (Not included. Support up to 128GB) is Free. LaView Life App offers 1-day Free cloud storage. 7-day and 30-day plan can be purchased in the App.

    Can I share the camera feed with my friends and family members?

    Yes. You can share your LaView Life devices to your friends and family members as long as they create a free LaView Life account. You can configure your settings to allow or restrict their use of features based on the user.

    What kind of warranty do I have on the camera?

    The camera comes with 1-year manufacture warranty from the date of purchase.