1080P Video Doorbell WiFi IP Camera


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  • Crisp HD 1080P clarity with WiFi capabilities

  • 16GB microSD card included

  • 180 degree field of view

  • LaView NVR compatible to act as another IP camera

  • IP54 weatherproof

  • Smart motion detection

  • Place the Wi-Fi-enabled camera up to 150 feet from your router for instant, easy connection to your network, and view your camera from anywhere with internet access.

  • 15ft IR night vision

  • Easy firmware upgrade with mobile App

  • 3 face plates included

  • A one year product warranty and lifetime technical support ensure that your protection is ongoing.

  • Requires new or existing 16-24 V AC wiring or transformer

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  • LaView proudly introduces the first WiFi doorbell camera from a trusted security system company. Another DIY-easy solution to safeguard your home with crisp 1080P HD view and 180° field of view.


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    Two-Way Audio

    Have the ability to listen in and speak back simply from our mobile app 
    and always be at your door, even while you are not. Enjoy clear audio
    capabilities to ensure your entrances stay monitored.

    Your New Ultra Wide Window to Front Doorstep

    Enjoy 180° degree viewing angle in clear HD so that you may stay
    connected to your home from wherever you may be.

    Gain Complete Awareness to Your Camera's Surroundings

    Receive push notifications when motion is detected anywhere on
    the camera, or have the ability to customize exact areas you always
    want to be alerted whenever there's any movement. This is idea if your
    camera must face a busy street - customize so you only get alerted to
    what's only important to you.

    The Only Outdoor Rated Doorbell

    The doorbell camera is rated IP54 for resiliance to outdoor environments
    be it rain or shine.Operating temperatures can be anywhere between
    -22­°F to 122°F. 

    Multitude of Storage Options

    Simply wirelessly connect your doorbell to your existing LaView NVR
    like you would a real surveillance IP camera. Or, simply use the 16GB
    microSD card to record directly to the doorbell as onboard storage option. 

    All of the Above, in One Single App

    WiFi doorbell will always keep you connected to your doorstep, wherever
    you may be. Let LaView enhance your lifestyle. Download LaView Connect
    for your mobile device from Apple Store or Google Play today.