ONE Nova HD Wire-Free Wi-Fi PIR Security Camera with Floodlight

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ONE Nova HD Wire-Free Wi-Fi PIR Security Camera with Floodlight


  • The ONE Nova floodlight security camera features full HD 1080P resolution. You’ll experience pristine clarity in your HD live stream and playback footage like never before.

  • The ONE Nova is equipped with 2 ultra-bright LED lamps that flash on when motion is detected in the camera’s vicinity. This disorients trespassers and attracts attention to the area, which deters crime.

  • This HD floodlight camera comes with a 100db siren that sounds during motion alerts. This serves as another layer of crime deterrence, scaring trespassers and attracting attention.

  • The unit is equipped with a 270° PIR sensor that uses thermal technology. This helps your floodlight camera distinguish between humans/animals and inanimate objects, eliminating false alarms.

  • Customizable motion detection allows you to choose areas in the camera’s field of view that you want scanned for motion. This lets you prioritize your motion monitoring.

  • The ONE Nova features Wi-Fi connectivity with wireless data transmission. Simply mount, plug into power, and connect to your existing Wi-Fi network to start recording!

  • Record with the Cloud for remote access and expanded storage space. Never worry about deleting recordings or the hassle of data upkeep; our Cloud service will do it all for you!

  • IP65 weatherproofing makes the ONE Nova floodlight camera the ideal option for outdoor surveillance coverage. This keeps the camera protected from liquids and small solid particles.

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  • An Update to Outdoor Security

    LaView’s ONE Nova camera upgrades your outdoor security, keeping your property secure from every angle. This upgrades the average motion-triggered floodlight by adding an HD security camera to the equation. The ONE Nova will illuminate your property, deter crime and provide high-end HD image quality. Secure, record and gain peace of mind with the LaView ONE Nova.



    Full HD Livestream and Playback

    The camera features full HD 1080P resolution that brings
    you high quality imaging in both your livestream and
    playback footage. This high definition resolution will ensure
    that you can see fine details in your image. The camera will
    keep you connected to your property like an extra set of eyes, 24/7.

    Advanced Sensors for Smarter Detection

    The ONE Nova is equipped with customizable motion
    detection that allows you to choose targeted areas
    to scan for motion as well as schedule times to have
    the motion sensors armed. To further ensure the detection
    of only significant motion, the camera is equipped with
    a 270° wide-angle PIR sensor. This uses thermal technology
    to distinguish between the motion of humans/animals and
    inanimate objects (i.e. trees).

    Light up Your Property when it Matters Most

    The camera’s ultra-bright LED floodlights flash on when motion
    is triggered, allowing you to gain a clear, lit-up view of the area.
    The brightness of the lights attracts attention to the area and
    wards off potential perpetrators by disorienting them. You also
    have the option to turn on the LED lamps remotely with our
    mobile app to use them for general utility if you need to see in the dark!

    Deter Crime and Stay Connected with Optimized Sound Features

    As an extra layer of crime deterrent, the Nova is equipped
    with a 100db siren that can be armed at custom times of
    the day or night to sound when motion is triggered. The
    camera also features a built-in microphone and speaker for
    you to speak with anyone that comes near your camera. This
    bridges the gap between you and your property if you are away,
    allowing you to communicate via the free LaView ONE app.

    Clarity at Night

    The camera features enhanced IR night vision up to
    60ft in extreme low light conditions. This provides you
    a consistent view of your property day and night. The
    camera automatically shifts between its normal recording
    mode and IR night vision as light shifts from bright to dim.

    Surveillance Coverage in Any Weather

    The camera is designed for outdoor use with high
    weatherproof standards. Its IP65 rating protects the
    camera from precipitation as well as small particles,
    which makes it the ideal solution for security coverage
    in any weather. This outdoor floodlight camera can
    operate in temperatures ranging from -20°F to 120°F,
    ensuring quality recording and reliability no matter the climate.

    Easy Set Up with Wi-Fi Connectivity

    The ONE Nova’s easy set-up features allow you to
    complete installation by mounting the camera, plugging
    in to power, and connecting to your existing Wi-Fi network.
    It’s that simple! Plus, it features a built-in dual antenna,
    guaranteeing you strong and reliable connectivity. The ease of
    the set-up process puts your security in your own hands
    as the camera is designed for full DIY installation.

    Multiple Storage Options

    Easy Accessible Storage Improving the user experience with hassle-free
    storage is one of LaView’s top priorities in designing our security cameras
    and system. With that in mind, we’ve made storage easy, accessible and
    unlimited with the ONE Nova. Our Cloud service grants you instant remote
    access to your recordings on-the-go via the LaView ONE app. Record and
    store more without the hassle of data upkeep by recording with the Cloud.