​8 Channel DVR Security System with 4x Ultra HD 4K color night vision metal bullet cameras

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​8 Channel DVR Security System with 4x Ultra HD 4K color night vision metal bullet cameras


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  • 4x Ultra HD 4K High Definition metal bullet cameras. Industry-leading 8MP resolution.

  • Advanced COLOR night vision technology up to 100ft in low-light conditions with color.

  • Customizable motion detection with mobile push notifications.

  • 8 Channel DVR with 1TB surveillance-grade hard drive.

  • H.265+ compression saves 85% more storage space and improves bandwidth efficiency..

  • IP67 Weatherproof rating – all weather use.

  • Operating Temperature Range -22°F-140°F

  • No monthly fees, free mobile app included for remote viewing

  • Limited time offer: Save $170 with code: FLASH170

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    Security camera systems for home or business are crucial to keeping your loved ones and property safe and secure. This premium ultra HD 4K system provides comprehensive coverage with the industry’s top-of-the-line surveillance technology. It’s the perfect security camera system to implement for the first time or to seamlessly upgrade older kits. Leave it to LaView to provide you with expert surveillance solutions and peace of mind, 24/7.



    View Your World in Vivid Detail

    Ultra HD 4K resolution provides a crystal-clear viewing experience,
    bringing all the fine details to the forefront of your image. These 4K
    security cameras feature industry-leading image quality with unmatched
    consistency and reliability. Your full HD livestream footage and playback
    will always provide you the highest quality view of your property.

    Maintain Clarity in Low-Light Conditions

    The cameras feature exceptional IR night vision that allows
    you to maintain a high-quality view of your property in the
    dark. These IR sensors will automatically initiate night vision
    mode when low-light conditions become too severe for even the
    human eye to see. This will keep you connected and bring
    you peace of mind knowing that your surveillance coverage
    continues through the night, eliminating gaps in your footage.

    All-Weather Durability

    These 4K security cameras are equipped for all-weather use,
    rain or shine. Their IP67 weatherproof rating makes them
    capable of withstanding the ingress of small particles and liquids.
    These indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras are made to function
    in any climate and any weather condition while providing reliable
    surveillance coverage.

    Motion Detection

    Customizable motion detection settings allow for
    you to receive mobile push notifications when motion
    is detected on your camera. This option lets you
    designate areas that you want scanned continuously
    for motion within your camera’s field of view as well as
    others that you prefer your camera to ignore.

    A Hassle-Free Upgrade

    This surveillance system runs on traditional BNC cabling
    that is used for many pre-existing systems. If you acquired
    a property that already has this type of system or you simply
    want to upgrade, the LaView ultra HD 4K TVI system will
    seamlessly connect with previous kits’ wiring.

    Improved Efficiency

    The system’s Smart Search feature allows you to easily
    navigate through your recordings to find specific events or
    objects. This saves countless minutes of scouring through your
    saved data to try and find a specific frame. Record easily and
    search efficiently to guarantee yourself access to the
    exact footage you need.

    Save more with H.265+

    Fully optimized H.265+ compression technology maximizes
    your storage capacity. More storage means less worry about
    managing your recordings as your DVR will have plenty of space
    to accommodate all your important video surveillance footage.
    This also increases your bandwidth efficiency.

    All of the Above, in One Single App

    View full HD livestream footage or experience seamless
    playback of recordings remotely via our free mobile app.
    Bringing your surveillance camera footage right to your
    fingertips on your mobile device gives you the power to look
    in on your property and manage your recordings on-the-go.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are these real 4K Cameras?

    Yes. The camera records at a resolution of 3840 x 2160, with 8,294,400 effective pixels (a.k.a 8MP) at 15fps. You will see 4K recording image in both live view and playback.

    How does color night vision work?

    LaView 4K Cameras are equipped with advanced low-light image sensors to endure low-lit environments and maintain the image’s true color under ambient lighting conditions. So, instead of switching the image to black and white like traditional cameras, the color night vision camera will produce a colorful night image unless it is in pitch darkness. Note that ambient lighting such as street light or porch light is needed to produce a full color night image. If the cameras are placed in total darkness, they need to be switched to ‘Black and White mode’.

    Do I get a notification when camera detects motion?

    Yes. The mobile app on Android and IOS will send you a push notification when there is motion or PIR motion detected. So, you always get notified when anything occurs on your property.

    Can I see all of my cameras from my PC/ phone/ tablet?

    Yes. Free mobile apps are available in Google Play store and IOS App store. VMS Client software is also available in the product download section for both Mac and PC.

    Are all the mounting materials included in the package?

    All equipment and accessories needed for system set up are included in the package. However, you will need a TV or monitor to display the video feed from the NVR. If you plan to view your cameras from mobile devices, you will need to connect the NVR to a router with internet service. (The device still operates as a standalone CCTV system without Internet connection).

    Is there a monthly fee or any other subscription charges with this system?

    No. There is no monthly fee to use the camera system. The mobile App and VMS software is free.

    How is H.265 compression going to help me?

    H.265 compression rate is the High Efficiency Video Coding codec to minimize the file size of recorded footage. This is essential for higher resolution cameras such as 4MP and 8MP (4K) since the file size can go tremendously high very easily. Compared to older H.264 compression, H.265 saves about 50-70% file size for the same amount of time span. That means if a 2TB hard drive can record footage for 2 months at H.264, the same hard drive can expand the recording to 3 to 3.5 months at H.265 without upgrading the hard drive.

    Can I expand my storage if I want to record more footage?

    Yes. The NVR support up to 6TB hard drive. You can replace the existing hard drive with any desired storage capacity. LaView recommends using a surveillance-grade hard drive for maximum protection.

    Does the camera work under heavy snow/ rain?

    Yes. The cameras are IP66 weatherproof rated to withstand heavy rain and snow.

    Do I need to supply a separate power cable to the camera?

    Yes. You will need to supply power for each individual cameas. Power adapters are included in the package. If you need a system that does not require separate power source ,please choose our IP PoE system

    Can I connect 10 cameras to an 8 Channel NVR?

    Yes and no. 8 Channel DVRs can only hold up to 8 HD-TVI cameras. If you need to connect more than 8 HD TVI cameras, please choose a 16CH DVR. However, the LV-T9708MHS DVR has 2 bonus IP non-PoE channels which allow you connect 2 additional network cameras, including Wi-Fi or IP camera, to record up to 10 cameras at the same time.