Single 1080P HD IP Bullet Camera


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  • Crisp, precise 1080p HD

  • 100ft of bright night vision

  • 3DNR (3 Dimensional Noise Reduction) technology removes unclear specs

  • DWDR feature to see more clearly in contrast lighting environments

  • Simple plug and play set-up
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    Equip your property with LaView’s powerful 1080P cameras, and experience recording, playback and live view in crystal high definition. For your convenience, all cameras in our IP line are PoE, fully compatible with any of our LaView NVR models and are designed for quick, effortless Plug ‘n Play installation. Stock up on LaView cameras for indoor and outdoor use, and start protecting your property today.


    Your World on Your Phone

    Live view 24/7 your cameras with our free mobile app in
    HD anytime, anywhere.

    Advanced Smart Search Analytic

    Professional features like smart search allows you to fast forward to
    moments of motion in custom masked areas during playback.

    Motion Detection

    Receive alert e-mail messages when motion is detected.

    Easy to Install Indoor Outdoor Cameras

    Point and shoot with super wide angle cameras
    that are IP66 weatherproof with operating temperature
    range of -22 ° F to 140 ° F.

    Be There, Even When You Can't See

    Night vision technology helps you capture images when
    the human eye cannot. Gain total awareness in the dark.

    Plug and Play Setup

    Easy to configure, access, and setup. Simply scan a QR code, and
    instantly connect
    . It's fast and reliable!

    A Greater Freedom of Choice

    Connect and expand your security with other ONVIF compliant systems.


    •Compatible with LaView NVR

    •Simple plug and play set-up

    •2mp real time recording and playback

    •Max resolution 1920 x 1080 at 30fps

    • See up to 100ft at night with infrared LED technology

    •Supports true POE

    •IP66 Weatherproof rated

    •ONVIF compliant

    • 3D DNR helps remove unclear specs in night vision

    •DWDR allows you to see clearly in contrast lighting environments


  • Reviews

    • Product Value
      By David
      One of the best pictures I've seen in a security camera and real time speed. Easy to setup with the associated NVRs - plug in play when network cable is going directly to the NVR. If you are going through a router or switch with multiple cameras you have to find the ip address of the camera, which isn't a big deal if you have some network knowledge.
    • Product Value
      By Carol
      After being impressed by my son-in-law's system, I wanted one of my own.
      Very good resolution of the cameras.
      The multiview is really nice to have.
      After some break-ins in my general area, I feel much better having the LaView system as another line of security.

      I cannot speak to ease of installation as others have, as I had mine installed.

      A shame I didn't have this system last fall during some flooding.
      I could have gone back to see how the waters came up over time during the night.

      Overall, I am very pleased with the system.
    • Product Value
      By Eric C. - Newegg Customer
      Pros: I bought two of them on sale to expand my existing NVR system. The cameras are plug-and-play and the quality of image is good. The camera itself looks solid. I installed them in the same network as my NVR and all configurations are done on it. So I only need to do port forwarding for remote view of all cameras.

      Cons: I don’t need to use its software to configure this time. But the document comes with the camera is kind of simple.
    • Product Value
      By NYCSteeler - Amazon Customer
      I've been biding my time waiting for an IP-based security system to go on sale, and when the LaView system became a Lightning Deal, I immediately jumped on it. First things first, LaView is well known for the extremely poor documentation they provide with their systems, this system is no different as the User Guide is a whopping 16 pages. However, there's a big ray of sunshine here: this NVR is really the HikVision DS-7716, and if you access the HikVision site, do a search for the "DS-7700NI-SP Series" and you can download a robust User Guide totaling 152 pages - which is in color, by the way. I printed the User Guide on a color laser printer and used a 3-hole punch and placed the guide in a 3-ring binder for handy reference. You'll note there is a slight difference in the front panel design between the LaView and HikVision units - it's just the placement of the status lights and power button - everything else is the same.

      Since I was installing my cameras outside - and the winter weather here can be brutal, I did not use the cat-5 cables that came with the system. Instead, I ordered a 1000' roll of non-CCA (a must for POE cameras) exterior cat-5 cable by Vertical Cable from Ethernet Cords on Amazon, which is excellent cable at a great price. It's much easier installing this cable than the Siamese cable I installed for my analog system - not as bulky and you can fit 3 cat-5 cables in the same space as 1 Siamese cable, which is a huge space saver. Gone are the unsightly massive clumps of cable - it's a much cleaner look and my wife is very happy. Happy wife, happy life. ;-)

      I made all my camera, power, and network connections to the NVR, fired it up, used the HikVision instructions for the initial settings, recording quality, remote viewing, etc., and was just amazed at the difference in image quality between my analog and this IP system - there's just no comparison - this IP system left the analog system in the dust. When viewed on my phone, tablets, laptop, and even on my 65" TV, the image quality is outstanding.

      If you can catch this system on sale, I highly recommend you get it. I did a search outside Amazon to purchase the items separately, and could not find a better deal.

      Overall, it's a great system and I'm glad I replaced my analog system as the image quality is absolutely excellent.
    • Product Value
      By Anonymous - Newegg Customer
      Pros: great image quality, nice night vision / IR quality, PoE, wiring through the mount so nothing exposed, nice clean install, solid build, very small

      I gambled (because they had no reviews yet) on two of these when they were on sale. I'm glad I did, they were a steal. Setup was super quick and easy (actual wiring and mounting through my attic was another story).

      Now I get 30fps 1080p h.264 video encoded right in the camera. I'm streaming it over rtsp and saving the stream directly with BlueIris so the computer doesn't have to do any work re-encoding the video. Couldn't ask for more!

      Cons: Documentation is poor.

      Other Thoughts: Setup is super simple if you are experienced with networking and camera / video settings (dhcp, port forwarding, codecs, bitrates, etc.) Camera firmware follows all the standards so if you're less experienced you might want to stay away or find a techie friend to help you. The instructions are minimal at best.
    • Product Value
      By Amazon Customer
      I hope to do a long term review of this item, for the mean while here is my first impressions.

      - Looks and FEELS like a quality product. Everything from the excellent packaging of the system to the weight of the cameras.
      - 8 1080p cameras WITH 100 foot wiring.
      - Quality seems excellent along with good night vision.
      - Live view from the DVR allows you to look at the multiple cameras at once
      - East to setup

      - All 8 cameras are the same widish angle view. I would have liked to have seen maybe 6 of these cameras and the 2 dome cameras or something with a narrower view point for walkways. This way you can get more detail of someone face rather than wasting pixels covering the sides or walls of the walkway
      - Would have liked to have seen 6 100ft ethernets and a 200foot and a 50foot instead of 8 100feet lengths
      - Better documentation could have been provided, but at least they have good youtube videos.
      - The price on this thing does fluctuate, so keep on eye out on that.

      Overall first impressions:
      When you think of 8 1080p cameras, think of it has $1600 worth of cameras if you were just to buy the cameras a la carte. I couldnt justify buying one of those DropCamas that cost $200 and then you need to pay a monthly fee when you get something similar to this that comes with a 3TB hardrive, cameras galore AND internet viewing.

      I have only setup 3 cameras so far and everything seems to work fine. I setup the motion detection along with the Privacy Boxes to tell the cameras to ignore certain areas of the picture (like trees moving that causes the camera to record).

      Cant wait to install the rest of the cameras!

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