16 Channel 4K NVR H.265 2 SATA Security System with 12x 4K HD IP 4mm Cameras with 3TB HDD

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16 Channel 4K NVR H.265 2 SATA Security System with 12x 4K HD IP 4mm Cameras with 3TB HDD


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  • 12x 4K (3840 x 2160) High Definition Metal Bullet IP cameras

  • 16 Channel NVR with 3TB surveillance hard drive

  • 4K UHD (3840x2160) output

  • H.265+ compression saves 55% of your storage space

  • Plug and Play with built-in 8 channel PoE interfaces

  • IP66 Weatherproof rated camera

  • Operating Temperature Range -22°F-140°F

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    Your safe heaven deserves the best, and no one should ever fear being in or out of their own property at any time of the day. Take control by installing this all-advanced crystal clear ultra HD 4K surveillance system in your home.

    True 4K Resolution

    Enjoy clarity like never before, in ultra HD 4K resolution. Record
    everything with sharper details with the high pixel count to ensure
    you do not miss a single detail. With image capture size of
    3840 x 2160, you will be able to digitally zoom into far away objects
    without losing any quality.

    Save More, Do More with H.265+

    Record more footage with new encoding technology to enjoy longer
    storage capability with H.265+. With advanced compression
    technology, double your recording capacity to ensure you get every
    history saved. The improvements will also allow bandwidth
    efficiency  to view your 
    recordings faster than ever before.

    Capture All Details with Improved WDR

    The cameras are equipped with WDR (wide dynamic range) to
    ensure that you can capture every detail throughout the captured
    image, regardless of lighting conditions. The system will automatically
    detect strong or weak illuminated areas to adjust accordingly, so that
    you do not miss a thing.

    4K Clarity with 1 Single Cable

    With True PoE (power over Ethernet), all you will need is 1 Ethernet
    cable to power up your camera and to send recorded files to your NVR.
    PoE allows time and cost savings by reducing time and expense of
    having no additional power cabling installed, and can be located anywhere.

    Weatherproofing with Full Metal Casing

    Rated IP67, the operating temperature can go as low as -22°F and
    up to 140°F. Place them indoor or outdoor, where you need those
    extra security measures. Metal casing ensures your camera can
    not be tampered with easily.

    Gain Complete Awareness to Your Camera's Surroundings

    Receive push notifications when motion is detected anywhere on the
    camera, or have the ability to customize exact areas you always want
    to be alerted whenever there's any movement. This is idea if your
    camera must face a busy street - customize so you only get alerted to
    what's only important to you.

    Let Your System Do All the Watching

    Further your camera's capability by configuring select areas
    to let you know whenever there may be potential intrusion.
    Intrusion alert is perfect to set over any entryway to buildings
    and even parked cars.

    Be There, Even When You Can't See

    Night vision technology helps you capture images when the human
    eye cannot – the camera’s IR is capable to reach up to 100ft even
    in the darkness, in 79° field of view.

    All of the Above, in One Single App

    Enjoy your new window to your home even while on the go, 24/7
    with our free mobile app LaView Net. Download it free from
    Apple Store or Google Play today.

    A Greater Freedom of Choice

    You have control over it all - have the ability to connect and expand
    your security with other ONVIF compliant systems. Enjoy the simplicity
    of Plug-and-Play.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are these real 4K Cameras?

    Yes. The camera records at a resolution of 3840 x 2160, with 8,294,400 effective pixels (a.k.a 8MP) at 15fps. You will see 4K recording image in both live view and playback.

    Do I get a notification when camera detects motion?

    Yes. The mobile app on Android and IOS will send you a push notification when there is motion or PIR motion detected. So, you always get notified when anything occurs on your property.

    Can I see all of my cameras from my PC/ phone/ tablet?

    Yes. Free mobile apps are available in Google Play store and IOS App store. VMS Client software is also available in the product download section for both Mac and PC.

    Are all the mounting materials included in the package?

    All equipment and accessories needed for system set up are included in the package. However, you will need a TV or monitor to display the video feed from the NVR. If you plan to view your cameras from mobile devices, you will need to connect the NVR to a router with internet service. (The device still operates as a standalone CCTV system without Internet connection).

    Is there a monthly fee or any other subscription charges with this system?

    No. There is no monthly fee to use the camera system. The mobile App and VMS software is free.

    How is H.265 compression going to help me?

    H.265 compression rate is the High Efficiency Video Coding codec to minimize the file size of recorded footage. This is essential for higher resolution cameras such as 4MP and 8MP (4K) since the file size can go tremendously high very easily. Compared to older H.264 compression, H.265 saves about 50-70% file size for the same amount of time span. That means if a 2TB hard drive can record footage for 2 months at H.264, the same hard drive can expand the recording to 3 to 3.5 months at H.265 without upgrading the hard drive.

    Can I expand my storage if I want to record more footage?

    Yes. The NVR support up to 6TB hard drive. You can replace the existing hard drive with any desired storage capacity. LaView recommends using a surveillance-grade hard drive for maximum protection.

    Does the camera work under heavy snow/ rain?

    Yes. The cameras are IP67 weatherproof rated to withstand heavy rain and snow.

    Do I need to supply a separate power cable to the camera?

    If you are connecting the camera directly to the NVR, no power adapter or cable is needed since both camera and NVR are Power over Ethernet.

    Can I connect 20 cameras to a 16 Channel NVR?

    No. 16 Channel NVRs can only hold up to 16 cameras. If you need to connect more than 16 cameras, please choose a 32CH NVR.