8 Channel 4K UHD Digital NVR Security Camera System with 4x 4K 8MP Bullet and 2x 4K 8MP Strobe Light Bullet IP Cameras

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8 Channel 4K UHD Digital NVR Security Camera System with 4x 4K 8MP Bullet and 2x 4K 8MP Strobe Light Bullet IP Cameras


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  • 4x Ultra HD 4K High Definition cameras. Industry-leading 8MP resolution.

  • 2x Ultra HD 4K High Definition cameras with Strobe Light and Alarm Feature. Industry-leading 8MP resolution.

  • 8 Channel 4K NVR with 2TB surveillance-grade hard drive.

  • Advanced IR night vision technology up to 100ft in low-light conditions.

  • Customizable motion detection with mobile push notifications.

  • Built-in PIR thermal detection sensors distinguish between humans/animals and inanimate moving objects.

  • H.265 compression saves 85% more storage space and improves mobile viewing efficiency.

  • IP66 Weather proof rating – all weather use.

  • Operating Temperature Range -22°F ~ 140°F.

  • Industy-leading thermal triggered strobe light and siren alarm deter crime effectively.

  • Strobe light cameras come with smart detection features includes Face Detection, Intrusion Detection, People Counting, etc. 

  • Strobe light cameras come with built-in microphone to record both audio and video

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    LaView proudly introduces its latest update to the ultra HD 4K product line. This IP security system features state-of-the-art bullet cameras with the industry’s highest quality resolution and features. This end-to-end security solution is perfect for residential or commercial use as it both provides detailed surveillance footage and deters crime.



    Crystal-Clear Video Surveillance Solution

    Ultra HD 4K resolution represents the surveillance industry’s
    top-of-the-line viewing experience. The level of detail brought
    to you by the high pixel count produces unmatched quality in
    your capture image. Enjoy smooth, reliable and crystal-clear
    livestream and playback footage with ultra HD 4K bullet cameras.

    The Perfect Crime Deterrent

    These cameras take our comprehensive security solutions
    to the next level with special crime-deterring features.
    The strobe light and alarm functions trigger when motion is
    detected in your camera’s field of view. The strobe light emits a
    strong flashing light while the alarm sounds a loud, repetitive
    alert to attract attention to the area as well as to disorient and
    ward off potential perpetrators.

    Stay Alert When It Matters Most

    Customizable motion detection settings keep you aware
    of what is going on at your property. You’ll receive mobile
    push notifications should something trigger the system’s
    motion detection which will instantly allow you to view the
    event and your live HD footage. Motion detection occurs
    in custom areas that you choose to be scanned so that your
    cameras do not pick up motion in undesired areas.

    Smarter Sensors for Smarter Detection

    The cameras’ PIR sensors are included as an extra
    safeguard to ensure that you are not riddled with false
    alarms within your motion detection. The PIR sensors
    take motion detection a step further by using thermal
    detection technology to discern between the movement
    of inanimate objects (i.e. trees blowing in the wind) and

    Clarity in Extreme Low Light Conditions

    The cover of night poses the biggest threat to you
    and your property as the potential for theft and break-ins
    drastically increases. IR night vision cuts through the cover
    of night to maintain a high-quality view of your property even
    in extreme low light conditions. See up to 100ft even when
    the human eye cannot, to keep you secure 24/7.

    Reliability in any Weather

    The cameras boast high weatherproof standards to ensure
    their protection from the elements in any condition. Their IP66
    weatherproof rating protects them from the ingress of both
    small particles and liquids. Plus, their -22°F to 140°F operating
    temperature range makes them able to withstand any climate.
    These IP cameras are great for both indoor and outdoor use,
    but their PIR sensors, strobe lights and alarms are perfectly
    suited for the outdoors.

    Hassle-Free Installation

    This system is designed for user-friendly DIY installation.
    With PoE (power over ethernet), the system is streamlined
    with just one cable running from each camera to the NVR.
    Each PoE cable provides both power and data to each camera,
    eliminating your need for separate cables. This hassle-free
    installation process eliminates your need for an installer as you
    can set up the system yourself or trust your local handyman to
    easily assist you.

    Stay Connected On-the-Go

    LaView’s free mobile app allows you to view your full HD
    livestream footage or instantly playback recordings. This gives
    you an all-access window into your property while you are
    on-the-go. Your busy day doesn’t have to get in the way of your
    ability to monitor and manage your security. That is exactly the power
    you gain with mobile view via the LaView app.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are these real 4K Cameras?

    Yes. The camera records at a resolution of 3840 x 2160, with 8,294,400 effective pixels (a.k.a 8MP) at 15fps. You will see 4K recording image in both live view and playback.

    How does color night vision work?

    LaView 4K Cameras are equipped with advanced low-light image sensors to endure low-lit environments and maintain the image’s true color under ambient lighting conditions. So, instead of switching the image to black and white like traditional cameras, the color night vision camera will produce a colorful night image unless it is in pitch darkness. Note that ambient lighting such as street light or porch light is needed to produce a full color night image. If the cameras are placed in total darkness, they need to be switched to ‘Black and White mode’.

    Do I get a notification when camera detects motion?

    Yes. The mobile app on Android and IOS will send you a push notification when there is motion or PIR motion detected. So, you always get notified when anything occurs on your property.

    Can I see all of my cameras from my PC/ phone/ tablet?

    Yes. Free mobile apps are available in Google Play store and IOS App store. VMS Client software is also available in the product download section for both Mac and PC.

    Are all the mounting materials included in the package?

    All equipment and accessories needed for system set up are included in the package. However, you will need a TV or monitor to display the video feed from the NVR. If you plan to view your cameras from mobile devices, you will need to connect the NVR to a router with internet service. (The device still operates as a standalone CCTV system without Internet connection).

    Is there a monthly fee or any other subscription charges with this system?

    No. There is no monthly fee to use the camera system. The mobile App and VMS software is free.

    Can I control the strobe light / alarm siren from the app?

    Yes. You can enable the strobe light and alarm siren in the mobile app to deter potential intruders or trespassers.

    Can I record audio with these cameras?

    Yes. The strobe light camera (LV-PB768WLP) has built-in microphone to record audio as well as video. When you play back the footage, you can hear the sound in the video, too. Note, the audio recording is disabled by default due to state law restrictions. Make sure to enable audio recording in the camera settings before starting to use it.

    What is an active defense security camera system?

    Traditional security camera system acts as your eyes to watch your property, but there isn’t much you can do when something actually happens. With the built-in strobe light, loud audible siren and two-way audio, a lot can be done to ‘Actively Defend’ against potential crime. The super-bright strobe light and alarm siren warn intruders that their activities are being watched and recorded. You can also speak to the camera from your mobile app to deter any trespassers. With those advanced sensors and gears equipped, your cameras are no longer just your eyes, they are your first line of defense.

    What is the difference between motion detection and PIR thermal detection?

    Traditional motion detection cameras analyze frame by frame and send out a notification when there is any difference between frames. This is most accurate, but usually causes a lot of false alarms triggered by irrelevant events like trees in the wind and birds. PIR sensors only detects thermal signal emitted from humans or large animals and notify you only when the thermal living being is detected. On the other hand, PIR sensors normally have shorter detection ranges (less than 30ft from the camera). The LaView NVR system includes both motion detection and PIR thermal detection to maximize the protection while reducing false alarms.

    How is H.265 compression going to help me?

    H.265 compression rate is the High Efficiency Video Coding codec to minimize the file size of recorded footage. This is essential for higher resolution cameras such as 4MP and 8MP (4K) since the file size can go tremendously high very easily. Compared to older H.264 compression, H.265 saves about 50-70% file size for the same amount of time span. That means if a 2TB hard drive can record footage for 2 months at H.264, the same hard drive can expand the recording to 3 to 3.5 months at H.265 without upgrading the hard drive.

    Does the camera have two-way audio/ two-way talk?

    Yes. The strobe light camera (LV-PB768WLP) a has built-in microphone and speaker to allow two-way communication from the camera to the NVR (or mobile app). This means you can speak to your phone and talk to whoever is near the camera.

    Can I expand my storage if I want to record more footage?

    Yes. The NVR support up to 6TB hard drive. You can replace the existing hard drive with any desired storage capacity. LaView recommends using a surveillance-grade hard drive for maximum protection.

    Does the camera work under heavy snow/ rain?

    Yes. The cameras are IP66 weatherproof rated to withstand heavy rain and snow. The operating temperature is 14°F – 131°F (- 10°C – 55°C )

    Do I need to supply a separate power cable to the camera?

    If you are connecting the camera directly to the NVR, no power adapter or cable is needed since both camera and NVR are Power over Ethernet.

    Can I connect 10 cameras to an 8 Channel NVR?

    No. 8 Channel NVRs can only hold up to 8 cameras. If you need to connect more than 8 cameras, please choose a 16CH NVR.