​16 Channel 4K HD NVR Security System with 12x 4MP HD IP Cameras​


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  • 12x 4MP (2688x1520) High Definition IP cameras

  • 16 Channel NVR with 3TB surveillance hard drive

  • 4K UHD (3840x2160) output

  • H.264+ compression saves 55% of your storage space

  • Plug and Play with built-in 8 channel PoE interfaces

  • IP66 Weatherproof rated camera

  • Operating Temperature Range -22°F-140°F

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    Protect your world by owning the all-new advanced 4K surveillance system designed for business or home. It comes with powerful 4-Megapixel cameras that you'll absolutely love the clarity. The system's easy "Plug & Play" design simplifies the installation process with built-in PoE ports. It comes with a pre-installed surveillance grade 3TB HDD and boasts advanced H.264+ compression, conserving up to 55% of space. This ONVIF-compliant system is compatible with other industry standard products.



    Upgrade Your Lifestyle

    Enjoy the all new 4K NVR with H.264+ compression

    Unparalleled 4MP Quality

    Zoom in on details without losing the crystal clarity.

    Easy to Install Indoor Outdoor Cameras

    Point and shoot with super wide angle cameras
    that are IP66 weatherproof with operating temperature
    range of -22 ° F to 140 ° F.

    Your World on Your Phone

    Have a peace of mind with high definition remote view
    anytime, anywhere.


    Advanced Smart Search Analytic

    Fast forward to moments of motion in custom masked
    areas with Smart Search helping you save valuable time.

    Be There, Even When You Can't See

    Night vision technology helps you capture images when
    the human eye cannot. Gain total awareness up to 100 feet.

    H.264+ Compression

    Have the freedom of longer storage capability with smarter codec
    and compression wtih H.264+

    Capture the Bigger Image

    Capture every moment from inside to alleys and parking lots
    with super wide 90° lens.

    Motion Detection

    Be alerted via e-mail by highlighting selected areas.
    Once motion is detected, you'll receive notifications.

    Plug and Play Setup

    Easy to configure, access, and setup. Simply scan a QR code, and
    instantly connect
    . It's fast and reliable!

    A Greater Freedom of Choice

    Connect various brands with future proof
    standards offered by network video technology.






    • Let no detail escape your cameras - 4MP power allows you to zoom in without losing clarity on license plates, faces, and other key identifiers! 

    • H.264+ provide enhanced image quality that is enabled through the state-of-the-art compression algorithm. This heightened rate shrinks the data's heavy files so that you enjoy smoother videos, increased storage space, and extended recording time by 55% using the same hard drive!

    •Plug-and-play cameras with built in PoE means the ONLY thing you need to set up your camera is single Cat5 cable. Built in PoE means no struggling with wires when you can be spending your precious time running your business and being with family. Quick, effortless installation lets you get set up and start recording sooner. 

    • 4K output preserves each pixel for the ultimate clarity in live view, playback and zoom. Delivering four times sharoper image than 1080P, this curring edge system is designed to boost the qwuality of your surveillance footage.

    • The power of a high resolution recorder is further amplified through high quality cameras – capture more detail than ever with 4MP, and upgrade all the way up to 8MP for maximum precision.

    • No Subscription Fees EVER - Watch or playback footage on the road with LaView's mobile app, LaView Patrol, it's FREE and downloadable on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac

    • Connectable to network cameras with up to 8 Megapixels resolution.

    • Support live view, storage and playback of video at 8 Megapixels resolution.

    • 16 built-in PoE network interfaces are provided.

    • Up to 6TB capacity for each hard drive, 2 SATA interfaces available.

    • Digital zoom in live view and playback mode.

    • 1 self-adaptive 10M/100M/1000M network interface.


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