8 Channel NVR with 6x 3MP HD IP Cameras


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  • 8 channel NVR

  • Six 3MP bullet IP cameras

  • 2TB pre-installed hard drive

  • P66 weatherproof rated

  • Digital zoom in live view and playback mode
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  • Your World on Your Phone

    Live view 24/7 your cameras
    with our free mobile app in HD
    anytime, anywhere.

    Advanced Smart Search Analytic

    Professional features like smart search allows you to fast forward to
    moments of motion in custom masked areas during playback.

    Motion Detection

    Receive alert e-mail messages when motion is detected.

    Easy to Install Indoor Outdoor Cameras

    Point and shoot with super wide angle cameras
    that are IP66 weatherproof with operating temperature
    range of -22 ° F to 140 ° F.

    Be There, Even When You Can't See

    Night vision technology helps you capture images when
    the human eye cannot. Gain total awareness in the dark.

    Plug and Play Setup

    Easy to configure, access, and setup. Simply scan a QR code, and
    instantly connect
    . It's fast and reliable!

    A Greater Freedom of Choice

    Connect and expand your security with other ONVIF compliant systems.



    •Full 1080P HD with real time recording and playbac

    •Built-in 2TB surveillance grade hard drive, extendable up to 12TB.

    • Up to 6TB capacity for each disk

    •8 channel NVR

    •Eight built-in POE network interfaces are provided

    •30 IR LEDs that can see up to 100ft at night

    •3D DNR helps remove unclear specs in night vision giving you sharper monitoring and playback

    • HD Remote viewing: View on your mobile device via the free LaView Net by setting up QR scan code

    •IP66 weatherproof rated

    •Digital zoom in live view and playback mode

    • Search record files by events (alarm input/motion detection)

    • HDD quota management, different capacity can be assigned to different channel

    • Two SATA interfaces available

    • Dual system design ensures high reliability and stability

    •One self-adaptive 10m/100m/1000m network interface

    •IPv6 is supported 


  • Reviews

    • Product Value
      By Christian - Amazon Review
      This system replaced my old analog NightOwl system which worked flawlessly for 3 years. I had enough of the super grainy 280 Line video so it was time to join you guys in the 21st century. As soon as I started researching how POE works my first inclination was, “Oh yea….I gotta get in on that action. ENOUGH with the external power supplies to the cameras!”
      Not only that, but this is almost like an ‘open-ended’ system that would allow plugging the cameras directly in to 3rd party POE switch. It’s crazy what this setup is capable of. If old, analog systems were plain iphones then this setup is an unlocked, rooted, custom ROM running Android. One works great for Grandma, the other is hardcore and customizable.

      1. Video quality is outstanding. 1080p for real. The camera angles are insane. The LaView dome cameras can catch an entire room if mounted in the corner facing 45 degrees away from each wall. I wouldn’t have any reservations turning over video from these cameras to the cops if something were to happen. On my old system the evidence would be there, but the person/people would not be recognizable.
      2. Simple to install. One wire to each camera. The included Cat5e cables are quality too. At first I thought I'd need to order a roll of cable and make my own but when I opened the box I figured it's plenty good.
      3. Nice interface in the NVR. Most of these surveillance DVR units look like they were designed in the 1980's. But not this one. Everything is there that you can imagine including things like face recognition, license plate recognition, and even imaginary lines that trigger recording and/or alerts.
      4. The included 2TB hard drive is absolutely silent. That was a concern of mine while putting this together.
    • Product Value
      By Maria O. Dorsey - Amazon Review
      The quality is excellent I had someone set it up for me and add a Big TV to monitor . Amazing...
    • Product Value
      By Anonymous - Newegg Customer
      Pros: I got this system as an upgrade to my old one, which was still functioning but didn’t have the image quality available with this system. Super easy to setup and install. The PoE feature makes getting connected up and running a breeze, it’s real plug and play as advertised.
      Video quality is good. I wanted to record videos at higher res so the 3MP cameras were just what I needed. Besides being able to zoom in and see stuff more clearly, I feel a lot better knowing that I can produce high quality recordings for police or insurance if I ever needed to prove something.
      I put one of the dome cameras in my living room because it looks less obvious and has a way wider viewing angle than my original bullet cam.
      I see that other people have been saying similar things, but it’s true that the advanced features really make this system worth the price. As a regular home user, you don’t expect to be getting very sophisticated systems but this offers lots of useful customization options that can be easily turned on and adjusted if you just play around with the software a little bit. It’s good to be able to focus motion detection on certain trigger areas, and within that to be able to tweak the sensitivity so you’re not getting emails every second.

      Cons: I’m pretty good with tools, but if you’ve only installed bullet cameras before, you might find that the domes are a bit harder to install. I found some helpful videos on youtube, and it was a piece of cake from there.
      There are a bunch of LaView apps out there, maybe outdated or for their other systems. That can be a little confusing, they should definitely organize that more. Make sure you download the right app to be able to see live view and playback from your phone.
    • Product Value
      By Zhong C
      After some research, I chose this system to monitor the outside of my home. We’ve been having some trouble in the neighborhood recently, and I already caught a kid trying to break into my vehicle a week after installing the system. Very pleased with the day and night image quality. The motion detection settings are more advanced than you would expect for a DIY home system, and I was able to customize according to my needs.
    • Product Value
      By Jay E.
      I didn’t have any experience setting up a surveillance system before, but tech support was super helpful and responded in a timely manner. Once I had the system up and running, I haven’t experienced any problems yet. The camera quality is as clear as advertised, and I can check on my pets when no one is at home. I’ve recommended the system to my friends, and I know some of them are looking into getting LaView systems for their homes too. Excellent product and customer service!
    • Product Value
      By Jane W
      Pros: Easy to setup and helpful tech support. Great image quality. All features work as advertised.
      Cons: Having some trouble with email alerts, don’t know when it’s going to be fixed.

      Overall, would recommend the product. Good for home or business use!

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