8 Channel HD NVR Security System with 6x 1080P Bullet IP Cameras


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  • 6x 1080P Bullet IP bullet Cameras

  • 8 Channel NVR with 2TB Surveillance Hard Drive

  • Full 1080P HD Real Time Recording and Playback.

  • Plug and Play with 8 channel PoE interfaces.

  • Watch you IP cameras 30 IR LEDs that can see up to 100 feet at night

  • Free mobile apps with One-scan setup

  • IP66 weatherproof rated

  • Hard Drive Extendable to up to 8TB

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    Equip your property with LaView’s powerful 1080P cameras, and experience recording, playback and live view in crystal high definition. For your convenience, all cameras in our IP line are PoE, fully compatible with any of our LaView NVR models and are designed for quick, effortless Plug ‘n Play installation. Stock up on LaView cameras for indoor and outdoor use, and start protecting your property today.


    Your World on Your Phone

    Live view 24/7 your cameras with our free mobile app in
    HD anytime, anywhere.

    Easy to Install Indoor Outdoor Cameras

    Point and shoot with super wide angle cameras
    that are IP66 weatherproof with operating temperature
    range of -22 ° F to 140 ° F.

    Advanced Smart Search Analytic

    Professional features like smart search allows you to fast forward to
    moments of motion in custom masked areas during playback.

    Motion Detection

    Receive alert e-mail messages when motion is detected.

    Be There, Even When You Can't See

    Night vision technology helps you capture images when
    the human eye cannot. Gain total awareness in the dark.

    Plug and Play Setup

    Easy to configure, access, and setup. Simply scan a QR code, and
    instantly connect
    . It's fast and reliable!

    A Greater Freedom of Choice

    Connect and expand your security with other ONVIF compliant systems.


  • Reviews

    • Product Value
      By Jeff
      I purchased the system to help keep a video security log of what's happening on my property. I liked it because it is a full 1080P video camera and is power over ethernet which meant I only had to pull one cable to each camera. I can access the video feed from anywhere in the world using my phone or tablet and works very good overall. With five cameras installed recording full-time full frame video I can manage to get six days of video stored on the 2 TB of storage. Overall this is a very good system and I would recommend it for others looking to get into for a similar system.
    • Product Value
      By keith - Newegg Customer
      Pros: The system has many capabilities that are only found in the more expensive solutions available. The NVR does not come with a hard drive, but this is good for those that would either prefer to purchase their own based on requirements or as is in my case I wanted to use my existing NAS inside my home.

      The docs are detailed for many of the advanced features but if you have the knowledge to use the advanced features in my experience I was able to figure it out or send an email to tech Support for assistance.

      The camera image quality is quite good. I was surprized based on the price when I saw them for the first time. I was able to install the Android app on my phone and can now watch my cameras any time. In addition I am using the motion detect feature for each camera that records any time there is movement in the user defined frame.

      Cons: None at this time. All cons have to be tempered against the price that you pay for the system.

      Other Thoughts: I elected to purchase higher quality Cat-6 cable to be pulled throughout my house instead of using the included Cat-5 cables. Depending on the distance and long term requirements you may want to consider this option.
    • Product Value
      By James G. - Newegg Customer
      Pros: Great NVR for the price. Very easy to setup and has expansion capabilities for 2 4TB drives. Mobile app is easy to use once you set up the NVR and cameras

      Cons: Documentation could be a little better, but still a great value.
    • Product Value
      By Jeremy H. - Newegg Customer
      Pros: Wide Angle / Great Night Vision / Easy Setup

      Cons: 10 different apps to choose from had to call tech support to get it to work. They were friendly and helpful however!

      Other Thoughts: Got this on the day after thanksgiving sale. I was expecting much less. Daytime the cameras work amazing. Night vision works great as well. I had tried another system before (samsung) and took them back because the field of view was so bad they were basically useless. With these 4 cameras I was able to cover what would have taken 6 or 8 cameras for the other brand! I couldn't be happier!
    • Product Value
      By John P - Newegg Customer
      Pros: Bought to replace a 7 year old Swann system, the quality of the video was night and day different, running the system was seamless, and best of all, it cost me what it would have to replace my 2 broken camera from my old system. the package i bought didn't include a hard drive, but adding them is painless, 6 screws and boom, you have access to a duel HDD 3.5 bay. Interface is great, response is fast, and really and truly the cameras output a GREAT picture. I hope these guys continue to grow and develop, i certainly will share the name and my experience with others!

      Cons: No paper manual but hey, you should probably know what you're doing anyway.
      Perhaps the price, but the quality is there.

      Other Thoughts: Great NVR system, came with 3 bullet cameras and have 2 spots open to add additional IP cameras as needed.
    • Product Value
      By Christopher O. - Newegg customer
      Pros: Bought this to replace my Logitech Alert system which was great but was getting old and not extendable at a reasonable cost
      This system has a good deal of functionality and is relatively easy to set up using the base functionality
      True POE capability made it easier to install the cameras around my house - pretty much plug and play
      NVR setup was straight-forward and pretty much intuitive - plugged in cameras, gave them a couple of minutes and all were identified and sending video
      A lot of options to choose from regarding set up - both a plus and a minus as it takes some time to get acquainted with how everything works
      LaView support using email was very responsive and generally helpful

      Cons: System Documentation was pretty poor - particularly regarding the camera settings -basic manual and online videos but much was without great detail and somewhat outdated
      Configuration of NVR was very easy - configuring the individual cameras was more complex
      Need to have a good working knowledge of networks and subnets to effectively use the camera functionality which provides more capability than just using the NVR
      Motion detection is very flexible and there are multiple options but difficult to get it to the balance where it still picks up motion without an overwhelming number of email notifications
      While the weatherproof connections to protect the Ethernet cable connection to the camera are included, they cannot (to my knowledge) be used without removing the Cat5e connector from the included cable - requiring you to attach a new connector.
      I did find it near impossible to connect with LaView support on the telephone so went with email instead. Suggest if you have questions don't ask too many at one time as I often only got partial answers in email responses.

      Other Thoughts: I did a good deal of research before I purchased this system as I didn't want to spend a great deal of money but also wanted a good solid system that would incorporate a good deal of the more recent technology. This sytem gave me the balance I was looking for.
      Overall very pleased with the system - took some time to fine-tune and to understand all the functionality but well worth the time and effort
      I suggest time spent in some of the security camera forums (like ipcamtalk.com and others) where I found a lot of detailed information about setting up the system and cameras
    • Product Value
      By Shanon M. Newegg Customer
      Pros: -Kit includes everything you need to get going
      -The long pre-made CAT5e cable made setup and testing easy
      -Easy to use NVR OS. Menus make it simple to setup each camera and view live or recorded video
      -Easy to install HDD(s)
      -Great cameras; autonomous and robust in functionality. POE is a must. Night vision is excellent.
      -Cameras mount easily and tuck-up under the roof nicely
      -Easy to setup iPad viewing and remote control

      Cons: -Video output is VGA and HDMI only, which limits where you can place the NVR without additional hardware to extend transmission to monitors
      -Lack of audio from cameras - not a show-stopper but would be nice to have

      Other Thoughts: -This is a robust system, uses ONVIF standards that should make it easy to integrate with other cameras and equipment
      -Would recommend for intermediate / technical person. Not really out-of-the-box ready for someone that doesn't have some networking and configuration skills
    • Product Value
      By Anonymous - Newegg Customer
      Pros: Bought this 8 channel 6 camera kit for a great price
      The picture is fantastic, clean and crisp with a wide viewing angle
      The cameras have quality construction, they have a nice heft to them and feel solid
      The cables are very high quality, I snipped each one in order to waterproof the connectors and the cables were shielded on the inside and overall easy to work with

      Cons: LaView's mobile apps aren't that great, I suggest using an app called iVMS-4500 if you're on Android - it works great with this system and even allows in-app playback.

      Other Thoughts: I'd recommend this kit to pretty much everyone, it's a great system and the quality of the product as well as the video is far more than enough for most people.

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