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Whether you wish to go wireless with Wi-Fi, record after hours with night vision, or install outdoors with weatherproof casing, our selection of cameras are equipped with the features you need. For All Build Your Kit purchase, each camera will come with one (1) 100ft cat5e cable.

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes?

View footage remotely in real time or playback mode from wherever you may be - let's just say, it's pretty crazy the things that go on when you're not around!

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Which cameras suit your layout?

Discreet dome and portable Panda cams are great for indoors, while sleek bullets placed outside deter trespassers.
Mix'n match from our selection of cameras to design the best surveillance setup for your unique layout.


  • Product Value
    By Marilyn | Certified Buyer 4/26/2017
    It is all it says it is a even more. The build quality is great for the price and it is truly easy to install. It is perfect for the home and small businesses.

    It would be nice to include junction boxes to the creation.
  • Product Value
    By Barton | Certified Buyer 2/7/2017
    Building and designing our system made for a perfect fit for house and RV building. We did it our way. We are first timers but have extensive construction knowledge and chose the IP POE HD 1080P 2mp cameras and 16 channel POE NVR with 2-3TB hardrives. We chose the dome cameras for under our soffits and the bullet type for the sides of our RV building which is 14 ft high with negligible overhang. The dome cameras are as stated in the specs at 98 degrees and I was impressed with their overall coverage and picture. They are barely noticeable when approaching our home which is a plus since they are within 8 ft of the ground. The bullet cameras have a comparable picture but not near the coverage at 75 degrees but seemed to be more appropriate for sidewall mounting on the sides of our RV building because they have a built-in shade for the sun and direct rain. The NVR is larger than we expected so devote plenty of space for it because the cat5e cables extend out of the back of it as well. We installed it in a closet on the opposite side of the wall in another room where the monitor is located on a full motion wall mount. We bought a 32" 1080p TV at WM to use as a monitor and connected the HDMI cable through the wall. We bought a cordless mouse and a 6ft USB extension cable which we ran through the wall to plug in the mouse receiver. It just hangs behind the TV and is not noticeable. We can now control the NVR from the monitor side of the wall and room with no recognizable or unsightly cords. The NVR emits a fair amount of heat and has a fan to disburse it which makes it somewhat noisy and creates the need for good ventilation and should be sectioned off from any combustibles. We also purchased a model 850 battery backup unit which hangs next to the NVR and serves for power in an outage. We did need to add receptacles for the Battery backup unit and TV because of the locations and that we preferred not to use extensions cords. We still need to disguise and secure the NVR in the closet so that it may not be easily removed or disabled. The system has a lot of capabilities that will take us some time to observe and digest. More options than I had envisioned. We have not enabled our system to be viewed on our android phones as of yet because we want to add 2 more cameras before going through the procedure. At this time we are happy with the system and their customer service. Their tech helped us to reset the default password without any problem. Just had to be patient to hold on phone until they pick up the call. All correspondence with them has been professional and courteous so far.
  • Product Value
    By Michael | Certified Buyer 3/14/2017
    With so many home security systems available in this day and age, I was not sure which type of system or what company to go with. After weeks of research, going back and forth with reading reviews, and speaking to representatives from numerous companies I decided to go with LaView. Reason being first and foremost there customer service is AMAZING they were very prompt with returning my emails and calls, and walked me through each step and each system going into great detail about each one, and what the differences are. The product is just amazing as the customer service. Cameras are simple plug and play, speed, footage, night vision, and HD picture is out of this world. I've already recommended this company to many of my friends and family. A+++++++ will be definitely purchasing more LaView products in the future!!
  • Product Value
    By K.L.| Certified Buyer 12/1/2016
    The cameras are actually 4MP, but really looks great on the NVR that supply 4K output
  • Product Value
    By brianW | Certified Buyer 11/30/2016
    I am happy with the system overall but be prepared as there is a learning curve. I installed my own system after I purchased a few tools and saved a bundle both with LaView and the install. The system works very well and I impress everyone when I show my cameras on my phone. You have to have some ability though to install the system and set up remote viewing as there is help but you will have to go online and create a ticket or call and wait for help. Overall I am very happy and otherwise 5 stars. I would recommend and still recommend LaView but remember that you will need to have some level of know how when you want to buy this one. I have compared several cams and recorders and the quality of this unit for the money is very high.
  • Product Value
    By caboy | Certified Buyer 11/30/2016
    Plug and play makes building a security system a lot easier
  • Product Value
    By C. Guibas | Certified Buyer 11/29/2016
    Best 4mega pixels security deal in the market so far
  • Product Value
    By Gabby | Certified Buyer 11/23/2016
    I had a 1080p analog system before but it was getting out-dated. It was old, and one of the cabling got chewed out by a rat. So my husband and I decided to upgrade rather fix. Came upon this during their black friday deal for 35% off. Didn't really think we needed 16ch but that's what the promotion was for. Picked up 8 mixes of resolution, mostly 1080p but got 2 4mp wifi cameras for our main entryways for safety. We absolutely love it! The clarity is much higher even though its the same 1080p resolution from my analog camera. Not sure if its because its old or the technology is older, who knows? And now that we have 16ch we decided we could add couple of cameras indoor, too. Maybe that's what they are hoping. More camera sales, haha. But here I am, buying 2 indoor cameras.
  • Product Value
    By Simian | Certified Buyer 11/15/2016
    Saw this page when LaView first started offering customized kits as an option, but glad I waited to purchase because they added a lot more options since then. Happy to say I was able to create a kit with outdoor wireless cameras like I needed, and the products arrived quickly and packaged well. Customer support was hard to reach by phone but they responded fairly quickly to the online form. Was able to get the system set up and running the day I got it.
  • Product Value
    By happy customer | Certified Buyer 11/11/2016
    I got a great customized kit, works well and the clarity is far superior to my old surveillance system. They have lots of camera options and you get an automatic discount, so it’s a pretty sweet deal. One thing to note – if you need a camera that isn’t on their list of options, you might be able to work it out with them if you contact them about it. In my experience, they were responsive, informative, and happy to help you out. I needed one PTZ camera (not on the page), and I was able to get a separate discount for that by asking a sales rep.
  • Product Value
    By TimG | Certified Buyer 10/10/2016
    I was directed to this page by a customer rep on their live chat, who was very helpful in answering my questions about the products and setup requirements. I ended up getting the 8 channel nvr with 1080p wi-fi equipped bullet cameras at a good price. The cameras have been working well. Love the product and great customer service!
  • Product Value
    By Gary L | Certified Buyer 3/27/2016
    The sales rep was helpful when I called in and asked what camera should I pick for my house. Shipping was fast. All equipment works perfectly. Thank you LaView for this configurator option.
  • Product Value
    By esp | Certified Buyer 2/17/2016
    Shipped and arrived super quick as I live in California. Arrived so quickly, I had not even finished running my cable for . Setup was pretty straight forward except for the port forwarding portion. I was not sure if all the ports were UDP or TCP so I guessed that they would be TCP. I had a problem connecting to the NVR over the internet because my firewall blocks all incoming and outgoing connections that use SSL3.0 and below. If this product implements TLS 1.2 and live view worked in chorme, it would be a 5 stars.
  • Product Value
    By No3uno | Certified Buyer 2/17/2016
    Ordered 16 cameras in total but only received 12 cables.
    Contacted Customer care and they shipped the rest. But still cost 3-day delay for our project.
  • Product Value
    By Rick | Certified Buyer 2/17/2016
    Bought a 16 channel customized kit with 2 ptz cameras.

    Even better price than other resellers.

    Customer Support is prompt.

    Would be better if offer expedited shipping.
  • Product Value
    By Danielle | Certified Buyer 1/16/2016
    This great customization feature provided me more than enough options of surveillance cameras for our corporation. With promotion this is the best ONVIF IP kit deal in the market
  • Product Value
    By BenV | Certified Buyer 12/11/2015
    Great system. Video is very clear with 30FPS on the cameras. Setup is easy, just plug the ethernet cables in and it starts working. The most complicated part is setting up for remote viewing which requires port fowarding in your router.

    I also purchased the higher 16 camera model for home which is even better because the recorder has alarm inputs that the 8 recorder NVR doesn't. I was able to hook an external PIR motion sensor to these alarm inputs for much more accurate motion detection. When the motion detector triggers, the NVR emails a text message to my phone and I get 3 thumbnail photos from 3 different camera angles to see what triggered it. Works really well. Using the motion detection built into the cameras creates a lot of false alarms that the external PIR detector doesn't.

    The other difference between the 16 and 8 NVR's is when viewing the camera's, the 16 NVR allows to view full stream or sub-stream feeds which in some cases can save a lot of bandwidth remote viewing multiple cameras. You can always click the button to change the stream if something comes into the scene worth looking at. The 8 NVR only allowed the full stream viewing.
  • Product Value
    By Marvin | Certified Buyer 11/10/2015
    Build your own kit is a great option, however it does not let me pick other cameras that I want. Maybe include a dropdown for all PTZ cameras.

    Great Service Though.


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