Single 1080P HD IP Dome Camera


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  • Crisp, precise 1080p HD

  • 100ft of bright night vision

  • 3DNR (3 Dimensional Noise Reduction) technology removes unclear specs

  • DWDR feature to see more clearly in contrast lighting environments

  • Simple plug and play set-up
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    Equip your property with LaView’s powerful 1080P cameras, and experience recording, playback and live view in crystal high definition. For your convenience, all cameras in our IP line are PoE, fully compatible with any of our LaView NVR models and are designed for quick, effortless Plug ‘n Play installation. Stock up on LaView cameras for indoor and outdoor use, and start protecting your property today.


    Your World on Your Phone

    Live view 24/7 your cameras with our free mobile app in
    HD anytime, anywhere.

    Easy to Install Indoor Outdoor Cameras

    Point and shoot with super wide angle cameras
    that are IP66 weatherproof with operating temperature
    range of -22 ° F to 140 ° F.

    Advanced Smart Search Analytic

    Professional features like smart search allows you to fast forward to
    moments of motion in custom masked areas during playback.

    Motion Detection

    Receive alert e-mail messages when motion is detected.

    Be There, Even When You Can't See

    Night vision technology helps you capture images when
    the human eye cannot. Gain total awareness in the dark.

    Plug and Play Setup

    Easy to configure, access, and setup. Simply scan a QR code, and
    instantly connect
    . It's fast and reliable!

    A Greater Freedom of Choice

    Connect and expand your security with other ONVIF compliant systems.


    • Compatible with LaView NVR

    •Simple plug and play set-up

    •2mp real time recording and playback

    •Max resolution 1920 x 1080 at 30fps

    •See up to 100ft at night with infrared LED technology

    •Supports true POE

    •IP66 Weatherproof rated

    • ONVIF compliant

    • 3D DNR helps remove unclear specs in night vision

    •DWDR allows you to see clearly in contrast lighting environments


  • Reviews

    • Product Value
      By Carlos - Amazon Review
      one of the main reason that i choose this brand and unit in the first place was by their review rating. and definitely they do not wrong.

      * the unit has rack mount construction 1U size, which is perfectly to be install into cabinet.
      * The unit itself is tough and robust design without doubt. Do not look like cheap chinese material. Looks US made like.
      * When it's comes to image quality of the bundled camera, is really true 1080p resolution 30fps ( i hope they can do in the near future 60fps )
      * The length of lens of each camera is 4mm which is a blend in terms of distance and angle.
      *The nigh vision, is really fare, no the best one, but in 10 mts range is looks awesome.
      * When is come to customer service, which for me is the most critical part in a NVR system, specially when you are end user or power user. they respond quickly and very concrete answer, also they offer remote desktop support for configuration.
      * Your are receiving what you paying off.! no doub about it.
      * Overpass in almost every aspect they neir competitors, (software, material construction, support, warranty)

      * perhaps they must offer by then self PTZ camera build by they own also 360 degree ceiling mount camera.
      *60fps should be an option in the system.
      *The price is not excessive expensive, which i guess in the near future might be reduce when 1080p become a standard and the volume sales increase.

      then everything is perfectly.
    • Product Value
      By Alicia H - Amazon Review
      As previous users stated the documentation sucks and the included cat 5 cables are cheap. I thought that I might use the cat5 cables to run them but ended up just using new cat5 cable. It was just to difficult to work with a 100' coil, plus trying to put my own end on after cutting the cable to length proved more challenging than with better quality cable.

      This cameras that come with the system are very good. I have some outside and they have held up to the summer heat. The cameras felt solid, I expected something more along the lines of cheap plastic. Though it would be more useful if you could spend a little more and get some variety. I can't think of any applications where a 4mm lens is all you need.

      The cameras do work well at night!

      The android app works good on our s5 with lollipop. Though I don't trust the device to be directly exposed to the Internet. Instead I used an asus router to create an open vpn tunnel which has worked great.

      Once you figure it out, exporting video is easy and I didn't need anything special to play it back on my computer.

      The PC app works great on the lan but not so great remotely. You can make it work, but it's just not as easy as on a phone or iPad. What makes the Mobil devices so great is that it automatically uses a limited bandwidth video feed. The video works surprisingly well on our 512kbps upload dsl.

      There is also a webpage that you can use.
    • Product Value
      By Paul L - Amazon Customer
      We were upgrading the security system in our boutique store, and this is leaps and bounds beyond what we had before. The cameras have a nice wide angle view, so you can see a lot more of the store from each camera. The old ones looked a lot more narrow and "zoomed-in". These ones have almost a fish-eye appearance around the edges, which is fine, and adds to the extended view. The resolution is also WAY better. You can easily recognize people's unique facial features, and we can see which clothing item a customer is looking at, etc. The other advantage over the old system is that each camera is powered by a single ethernet cable. The old system actually had a power cord for each camera, so an entire power strip was needed just to power the four cameras we used before. This system only needs a single plug-in for the central unit, and then you just have to run ethernet cables for each of the cameras. The 100 foot cables are nice a long, so it can cover our 6400 square foot store easily.

      The other feature that blew me away was how easy it was to install the app on my phone and view the cameras live on there. This feature was very useful when fine tuning camera positions. Overall, the set up was fairly easy. And there was a customer service number I called several times, and they were very helpful with my questions. Overall, this a terrific system and will give you clear resolution and good coverage of your property.
    • Product Value
      By Rofia - Amazon Customer
      Overall pleased with the camera, definitely provides the 1080P quality as promised.
      Step by step set up can be found on the company's website.
      But I added it onto my existing LaView NVR so set up was a breeze.
      I am considering purchasing another one to add to my free channels.
    • Product Value
      By rupel
      After thoroughly researching this ip camera, I thought it would be a perfect fix to my existing system. However I was very wrong about that. The first camera night vision was so bad I could not see anything at night, after calling tech support they said it was a power issue and ask me to return it of which I did. I was sent a second camera and it the same issue, call tech support again they said they will need to call the manufacturer, that's three weeks now . So now I'm stuck with one useless camera. So my advise to future buyer, please DONT BUY. Tech support help please.

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