Quick Start Guide

How to install power booster for Mechanical Chime and Digital Chime


After the doorbell is powered on, please wait 1 minute for the camera to initialize until the LED indicator quickly flashes in Blue 

Please ensure the doorbell is on the latest firmware after it is set up. Click here to see how to upgrade firmware for the camera

To reset the doorbell camera, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds until you hear 'Reset Successfully'

If you are getting false PIR alarm notification, please upgrade the camera firmware to latest version v5.2.4 build 190103




Q. What is the default password to the ONE HALO doorbell camera?

A. The default password for ONE Halo is the varification code locate on the label at the back panel of the camera.

Q. What App should I use for the doorbell camera?

A. You should use the LaView ONE APP for the doorbell camera. LaView ONE App is avaialbe at :


Q. How do I upgrade the firmware for the camera

A.Click here to see how to upgrade firmware for the camera

For more technical support article, please click here to visit Product Support Page



Video - How to Install Doorbell Camera