ONE Halo 3MP 2K HD Smart Video IP Doorbell Camera WiFi 5GHz, 180° Vertical FOV, IP65, Starlight Color Night Vision, PIR Thermal Detection, 8-24VAC - 2nd Generation

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ONE Halo 3MP 2K HD Smart Video IP Doorbell Camera WiFi 5GHz, 180° Vertical FOV, IP65, Starlight Color Night Vision, PIR Thermal Detection, 8-24VAC - 2nd Generation


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  • Upgraded, crystal clear HD 3MP clarity brings you detail like never before. Experience the best doorbell surveillance camera resolution on the market with the ONE Halo.

  • Supports up to 128GB microSD (not included) for easy onboard storage. This ensures the safety and storage of your footage with physical accessibility as you need.

  • The ONE Halo doorbell camera provides you the multiple storage options. You can choose to record with LaView’s Cloud service for expanded storage and unlimited remote access.

  • 180° field of view gives you a full view of your doorstep, expanding your viewing experience. This will keep you aware of anyone within the vicinity of your doorbell security camera system.

  • IP65 weatherproofing keeps your HD doorbell surveillance camera protected from the elements. This ensures reliability and functionality year-round, regardless of the weather.

  • Smart motion detection guarantees you will know when anyone approaches your doorstep. Your ONE Halo doorbell camera will send you mobile push notifications anytime these sophisticated motion sensors are triggered.

  • Up to 150ft Wi-Fi transmission distance makes installation even easier. Follow the easy steps to connect the wiring and then connect to your Wi-Fi network and you’re ready to record; it’s that easy!

  • 15ft IR night vision keeps you aware of your doorstep’s surroundings in extreme low light conditions. It grants you a full color night vision view of your doorstep for enhanced detail.

  • Download the FREE LaView ONE app to remotely access footage and your live view. Instant access with the app will keep you connected at all times!

  • A one-year warranty and lifetime technical support are included to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Requires new or existing 8-24 V AC wiring or transformer

  • ONVIF Support available in Q2 2019

  • Limited Time Offer: 90 Days Return. Extra 30% Off with code MAR30. Offer valid until March 17. Limit 5 per customer 

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  • LaView is proud to announce the ONE Halo: the next generation doorbell cameras. This family-friendly doorbell surveillance camera provides upgraded HD 3MP viewing quality along with an ultra-wide viewing angle. This is by and large the best viewing experience of any doorbell camera on the market, along with user-friendly, customizable features that you can tailor to your needs. We believe in hassle-free security solutions without sacrificing quality; the ONE Halo doorbell is no exception to this!


    For more product support information on LaView ONE Halo Doorbell Camera, please visit:

     Laview ONE Halo Doorbell (2nd Gen)  Other Leading Video Doorbells

     3.2MP 2K Realtime recording and playback. 52% more detail.


     2.1MP recording and playback

     24/7 continuous recording available*


     Only records video clips triggered by motion

     Record on either Cloud / MicroSD / NVR* for triple back-up and protection


     Only cloud recording available, must pay monthly fee and lose footage when there’s no internet.

     Industry-leading Starlight True Color Night Vision


     See only black and white and lose critical information in dark

     180-degree vertical viewing angle


     Cannot see kids and package on the floor

     Motion alerts only triggered by human activity


     Many false alarms by irrelevant activity like trees and sunlight

     HDR video shows sharp detail in bright and dark areas


     No HDR - details in dark shadows can get lost in bright light

     IP65 guaranteed protection against rain and snow 


     Not rated

     Advanced H.264+ video codec allows 45% faster streaming


     Standard H.264 codec 

     8-24 VAC support more household power environment


     16-24 VAC

    HD 3MP Resolution: Next Generation Doorbell Surveillance Camera Coverage

    The ONE Halo upgrades your front door viewing experience with full HD
    3MP resolution. That means each unique image captured by this p
    remium doorbell security camera contains 2048 x 1536 pixels; that’s
    over 3 million pixels! This is the industry’s leading resolution option for
    doorbell cameras. With that, the ONE Halo guarantees you the best view
    of your entrance with crystal clear detail in both your livestream footage
    and playback recordings!

    ONE Halo Doorbell Surveillance Camera System – Upgrade Viewing Angles

    See it All with 180° Vertical Viewing

    The ONE Halo adds on layer after layer of upgraded viewing to
    make the best video surveillance doorbell on the market. Its 180°
    vertical view ensures you see everything that occurs at your
    doorstep. That means if you have a package delivered, or the kids
    arrive home, you’ll have a full view of them, no matter where they
    approach from. Plus, to further ensure you gain the view you need,
    the ONE Halo comes with angled mounting brackets. Unlike other
    doorbell surveillance cameras, you won’t be restricted to a stationary,
    waist-up view of anyone who rings!

    ONE Halo Doorbell Security Cameras – Wide View Angles

    Audio Features for Comprehensive Doorbell Camera Coverage

    The ONE Halo wouldn’t be a doorbell camera without a traditional
    doorbell chime! It easily connects to your existing doorbell chime to
    maintain your same pleasing tone that lets you know when someone
    is ringing. When a visitor rings, you’ll be able to take advantage of the
    camera’s built in mic and speaker for two-way audio. This two-way talk
    capability allows you to communicate with anyone at the door. Greet
    the kids as they arrive home from school. Tell a delivery person where
    to place your package. Do this all while you are out or at work from via
    our free mobile app!

    ONE Halo Doorbell Camera System – Two Way Audio

    Upgrade Your Motion Sensors with PIR Thermal Detection

    This doorbell camera is keen on keeping you up to date with everything
    that transpires in front of your door. For that reason, we’ve included
    completely customizable motion detection settings. To elevate the motion
    capabilities even further, we’ve equipped the ONE Halo with a PIR thermal
    detection sensor. This 115° sensor checks the area surrounding the camera
    for significant thermal signals given off by humans and animals only. This
    helps you avoid innocuous motion alerts and false alarms brought on by
    inanimate objects (ie cars driving by or tree branches swaying in the wind).
    The ONE Halo is the only doorbell camera on the market with PIR
    technology! It keeps you alert to only the movements that matter,
    to ensure you have the best front door coverage available.

    ONE Halo 3MP HD Doorbell Cameras – Upgrade Motion Sensors

    Illuminate Your Doorstep with Starlight Color Night Vision

    This camera takes front door coverage into nighttime with the most
    sophisticated night vision doorbell surveillance in the industry. The
    ONE Halo is equipped with Starlight Color Night Vision. This full color
    night vision option allows you to maintain a true color view of your
    doorstep’s surroundings even in extreme low light conditions. You’ll be
    able to see visitors’ hair color along with the colors of their clothing to
    ensure you are only opening your home to desired guests. Starlight
    Color Night Vision illuminates your doorstep in brilliant color, up to 16ft,
    to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure through the night.

    Doorbell Cameras – Starlight Color Night Vision

    IP65 Weatherproofing – Doorbell Surveillance Camera Coverage in Any Weather

    We built the ONE Halo doorbell camera to last. With durability and reliability
    at the forefront of our design, we made the camera IP65 weatherproof rated.
    This makes it suitable for all weather conditions, guaranteeing you functionality
    in any climate. You’ll find this to be far beyond the industry standards for
    doorbells. Many of them are simply not weatherproof! This makes the ONE Halo
    the perfect outdoor doorbell security camera regardless of your home being
    equipped with an awning or not. This weatherproof doorbell surveillance camera
    will keep you up and running with a premium view of your doorstep, rain or shine!

    ONE Halo Doorbell Surveillance Camera – IP65 Weatherproofing

    3 Easy Ways to Store Your HD Footage

    At LaView we are all about creating the best user experience with the most convenience and flexibility. With that in mind, we have included 3 easy options for recording and storing your important HD footage with the ONE Halo. First, you can record locally with a micro SD card up to 128GB. This built-in storage slot makes for easy physical access to your footage. Secondly, you can connect the ONE Halo to your existing LaView NVR to integrate it to your current system via a free network channel. Finally, if you want expanded storage with no physical limitations, try our affordable Cloud service. The LaView Cloud will open up your doorbell cameras to unlimited access and expansive storage. Choose the option that best fits your needs or incorporate them in any combination for extra backup and reassurance.

    Doorbell Security Cameras – Multiple Storage Options

    Integrated Security Solutions – ONE Easy App

    The LaView ONE app is the easiest way to connect your LaView ONE
    Series cameras in an integrated, all-in-one viewing experience. The app
    allows you to have remote access to any of your ONE Series cameras,
    regardless of where you are. Motion alerts via the app will keep you aware
    of what transpires on your property, with the ability to instantly review the
    event that triggered the alert or view your livestream footage. Stay connected,
    24/7, with the LaView ONE app.

    ONE Halo Doorbell Cameras – ONE Easy App

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Camera Features

    Does the doorbell security camera have good night vision?

    The ONE Halo is the industry’s first doorbell surveillance camera equipped with a Sony Starlight sensor, allowing you to see color at night. With ambient lighting such as a porch light or street light, the ONE Halo will maintain color image recording and grant you access to crucial details in the footage. The ONE Halo doorbell camera will turn on infrared LEDs in total darkness to produce black-and-white night vision up to 16ft, so that no crime slips under your radar, regardless of the lighting conditions.

    Does this doorbell surveillance camera support two-way talk?

    Yes. The ONE Halo doorbell camera has a built-in microphone and speaker to support two-way audio conversations via the LaView ONE mobile App. You can easily speak to whomever is at your door from wherever you are.

    Can I record audio or disable recording audio?

    Yes. You can record audio with the built-in microphone on the ONE Halo. You can disable audio recording in the LaView ONE mobile App.

    What resolution does this camera record at?

    The ONE Halo has the highest resolution lens of all doorbell cameras, capturing detailed and vivid images of your entrance. Recording at 2048*1536 at 30fps, the ONE Halo records with 52% more detail than other leading 1080p doorbell cameras.

    What is the viewing angle for this camera?

    The ONE Halo doorbell camera has a horizontal viewing angle of 105° and vertical viewing angle of 180°. The ultra-wide vertical viewing lens makes this the first doorbell security camera that can see small objects (like packages) or even children at the foot of the door.

    Will I get notification alerts when a motion event is triggered in the camera’s view?

    Yes, the LaView ONE App on your IOS and Android device will send you push notification alerts when there is any PIR motion events triggered by a human or large animal.

    How is PIR thermal motion detection better than traditional motion detection?

    Traditional motion detection cameras analyze frame by frame and send out a notification when there is any difference between frames. This can cause a lot of false alarms triggered by irrelevant events like trees in the wind, snow or birds. PIR thermal sensors only detect thermal signals emitted from humans or large animals and notify you to their presence. You can also select the range and area of the PIR detection to exclude false alarms triggered by your next-door neighbor.

    How will H.264+ video compression benefit me?

    H.264+ compression rate is the High Efficiency Video Coding codec implemented minimize the file size of recorded footage. This is essential for higher resolution cameras such as 3MP and above, since the file size can go tremendously high very easily. Compared to older H.264 technology, H.264+ saves about 45% more file size for the same amount of time span. That means if a 16GB microSD card can record footage for 1 week with H.264, the same hard drive can expand the recording to between 11-13 days at H.264+ without upgrading the capacity of the microSD card.

    Use of ONE Halo Doorbell Camera

    Can I connect the doorbell camera to an NVR/ DVR?

    Yes. You can connect ONE Halo to select LaView NVR’s and DVR’s as an IP Camera. When added to the NVR/DVR, the ONE Halo will occupy one channel on the recorder and keep all of its footage on the recorder’s hard drive. You can enable more recording schedule options such as 24/7 continuous recording or weekday recording from the recorder’s menu.

    The following models are compatible with the LaView ONE Halo Doorbell Camera:

    - LV-N9508Q8E, LV-N9516D6E, LV-N9608C8E, LV-N9616D6E, LV-N9808C8E, LV-N9916C6E NVR

    - LV-T9708MHS DVR

    NVR’s from other manufactures may not support LaView ONE Halo Camera. Please contact corresponding tech support team to find more information.

    Does this doorbell connect to 5GHz WiFi network?

    Yes. The ONE Halo doorbell camera supports 2.4GHz & 5Ghz dual-band WiFi network.

    Does the ONE Halo doorbell camera work under heavy rain or snow?

    The ONE Halo doorbell camera is IP65 weatherproof-rated to withstand heavy rain and snow. This technology has been used in our professional IP surveillance camera lines and is a much higher weatherproof rating than most doorbell cameras in the market.

    Does the ONE Halo doorbell camera support Alexa devices?

    Yes, the ONE Halo is compatible with select Amazon Echo devices. For example, you can simply say ‘Alexa, show front door’ to display the ONE Halo camera feed on Echo show, Echo spot, Kindle Fire Tablet and other Alexa devices.

    For more Alexa support information please

    Can the doorbell camera record continuously?

    The ONE Halo doorbell camera will record under ‘motion detection’ mode when you record the footage on a MicroSD card or LaView ONE Cloud Storage.

    To record ‘continuously’ or ‘24/7’ mode, you can add the doorbell security camera to a LaView NVR as an IP Camera. Under this mode, you can keep the footage on the NVR hard drive and set up more recording schedules from the NVR menu.

    Mobile Apps & Software

    Can I see the doorbell camera from my iPhone /Android phone/ PC/ Mac?

    Yes. For iphone/ipad and Android phone/tablet, please download the free LaView ONE App. For PC and Mac, please use LaView Guarding Export VMS software and login using the LaView P2P account.

    Is there any monthly fee to use the doorbell camera?

    Live view via the mobile app or a desktop program is always free with all LaView devices. Storing ONE Halo footage is free if you choose local storage (MicroSD card and LaView NVR/DVR). Recording footage on the cloud server requires a LaView ONE Cloud subscription. The LaView ONE Cloud subscription is a fully-encrypted Cloud server-based service to securely keep your footage on the Amazon AWS server. In case your local storage is compromised (Camera is stolen, hard drive has failed, etc.), the LaView ONE Cloud is best method to retrieve your crucial footage. The LaView ONE Cloud subscription starts from $3.99/ month (7-day recording). This Cloud subscription for ONE Halo doorbell camera will be available in January 2019.

    Can I share the camera feed with my friends and family members?

    Yes. You can share your LaView ONE devices, including the ONE Halo doorbell camera, to your friends and family members as long as they create a free LaView ONE account. You can configure your settings to allow or restrict their use of features including: Live View/ Playback/ Alarm/ Two-way Audio/ Answer Doorbell, based on the user. Version 3.8 and above of the LaView ONE App is required to enable device sharing.

    Installation and Hardware Requirement

    Can I use this doorbell camera to replace my existing doorbell button?

    If you have an existing doorbell button powered by an AC transformer between 8V to 24V AC, you can replace the current doorbell button with the ONE Halo doorbell camera very easily. Most clients are able to get the ONE Halo installed within 20 minutes. If your existing doorbell button is a wireless doorbell, you need to run the AC power wiring following the correct hardware requirement.

    What is the hardware requirement to install the doorbell camera?

    The ONE Halo doorbell camera requires existing doorbell-chime wiring to supply power between 8V to 24V AC to the camera. If you do not have the existing wiring, you need to install either a 16V AC or 24V AC transformer/power adapter.

    What kind of chime does the ONE Halo doorbell camera support?

    The ONE Halo doorbell camera supports both mechanical chimes and digital chimes. If you do not have a chime, the ONE Halo will function with your mobile devices. The LaView WiFi Chime will be available in 2019.

    What kind of warranty do I have on the ONE Halo doorbell camera?

    The LaView ONE Halo camera comes with 1-year manufacture warranty from the date of purchase.

    Where do I find the technical support information for this doorbell camera?

    You can learn more information about ONE Halo doorbell camera here or in the product support page.