LaView IP Camera Quick Setup Guide


Setting Up IP Cameras

Please choose from the following instructions to set up your IP cameras:


Option A. Connect IP Camera directly to your NVR Ethernet port (Plug n Play)

Step 1. Turn on your NVR

Step 2. Connect your IPC to your NVR Ethernet port via a cat5e/cat6 cable

(Connect additional 12VDC power supply to your camera if your NVR does not support PoE) 

Step 3. The IP Camera should automatically pop up on the NVR screen or NVR Camera setting menu in 2-5 minutes.



Option B. Connect IP Camera to your computer/ NVR without Ethernet port through PoE switch/router

Step 1. Follow the PoE switch/router manufacturer instruction to setup your PoE switch/router

Step 2. Connect the cat5e/cat6 network cable to any LAN port on the PoE switch/router and to the IP Camera

(Connect additional 12VDC power supply to your camera if your switch/router does not support PoE) 

Step 3. Install SADP program on your computer (to search the IP Address information of the camera)

Step 4. Once installation is completed, the new IPC will be shown in the SADP online device list.

Step 5. If needed, you may modify the IPC network parameters and use default password of "12345" to save changes.

Step 6a. Open any web browser on your computer, type the device IP address on the address bar and login using the default username"admin" and password "12345"

(Click here to download the plugin file for Safari for MAC users)

Step 6b. You can also view and manage your IPC via the LaView Net/NVMS7000 Client Program on your PC or MAC

Step 6c. You can also add the IPC in your NVR manually by typing in the IP address and credentials of the IPC into the camera configuration menu. 


 Click here to download complete user manual for IP Cameras