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Is there a Monthly Fee?

At LaView, we believe that you should be the master of your security. That’s why your DIY security system will come with no strings attached. Simply set up your kit and start recording. Enjoy your system with no subscription or monthly fees.

Do I need to have Internet?

No, you do not need an internet connection at the location of the installation. Although, you will need internet to access remote viewing on your mobile devices, but this is not a requirement to start recording.

Does this come with all cables and wires needed?

Yes, this kit will come with everything you need to install the system and having it recording immediately.

Does this come with a Hard Drive pre-installed?

Yes, this system comes with a pre-installed surveillance grade 1TB Hard Drive. Surveillance HDDs are manufactured to sustain maximum read and writes, along with harsh environments. This extends the life of the drive substantially and gives you that extra peace of mind.

Can I download videos easily?

There are multiple avenues to extract recorded footage off this system. You can insert a USB flash drive into the system and use the system’s software to export specific video files onto your USB flash drive. You can also use a computer to access your system and download video files directly to your computer. Lastly, you can use the mobile app to download video files into your mobile device. To find out how, please check our support page.

Do these cameras have a phone app that will allow me to Live View and record onto my phone?

Yes, there is a phone app for this system that will allow you to Live View the cameras in Real Time, as well as view recorded video that has been stored onto the HDD of the system. Though you cannot record directly to your mobile device, you can download recorded video from the HDD to your mobile device through the app.

Please download LaView Net or LaView Connect from Apple Store or Google Play

Can I add cameras over the network?

Yes, you can add cameras over the network, they do not have to always be connected directly to the NVR. You can use a switch on the network that connected to the same router as your NVR. Please follow these steps to set this up:

  1. Connect the camera to your router using an Ethernet cable. Also, use a 12v power supply to power the camera.
  2. Once the camera is powered and connected to the network, use our network search tool pick up the IP address. If you do not have the Search software, you can download it here (Make sure to disable any anti-virus or malware protection software before installation): https://www.laviewsecurity.com/files/software/UpdateTool_V2.3.2.11.zip
  3. Make sure the computer or laptop you are using is connected to the same network as the cameras and NVR.
  4. Once the camera is on the network it should show up on the software. Make sure the IP address matches the network IP address of your network.

Log into the NVR and go to Camera>Camera Management, click on Manual Add, and enter the IP information for the camera. Use the default username: admin password: 123456