Neighborhood Patrol

“My family and I moved to our current neighborhood in Port Chester, New York back in April 2014. The suburban community we live in is quite nice and doesn’t have an extraordinary amount of crime or anything. However as a police officer, I am all

Car Problems

“I’m a software engineer living in Elgin, IL which is in the western suburbs of Chicago. My family and I have the utmost respect for our local police and the work they do to keep us safe; however, we do have our share of crime

Daycare Defender

“I love children and have been a licensed child care provider since 1989. Since moving to Butte, Montana four years ago, I have opened up my home as a comprehensive child care program for families in the area. Just a while ago, one of my

A Connection Between a Father and Son.

“I have always been very close with my parents, Rafael and Eddy Rodriguez. Their home is close to mine in Orlando, Florida, which gave me relative peace of mind until my dear mother passed recently on August 20, 2015. I do travel frequently for business,

Hit and Run!

“I own a 2006 Ford F150, which I’ve had for ten years now. I love my truck and have taken pride in caring for it well over the past decade. Last month, my truck was hit in the middle of a night by someone speeding