Best Car Security Cameras

Protect Your Vehicle With the Best Car Security Cameras

You may have never considered car security cameras, but anyone who owns a car knows the dangers of vandalism or theft. When you own a car that is a valuable asset that you want to keep safe. Being the victim of a break-in, targeted scratching, egging, or having tires damaged and deflated is one of the worst feelings. Whether you park in your garage, a private driveway, on the street, or parking lot, you’re always at risk.

Car Security Cameras

This leaves us to wonder how owners can monitor their cars as well as keep them safe when parked in one of the aforementioned locations.

Many vehicle owners rely on more than just their car alarm systems for protection. Many people are taking to surveillance to protect their cars during the day as well as night. Follow us as we help you protect your cars with the best car security cameras.

    • Types of Car Security Cameras for Your Needs
    • Best Car Security Cameras and Systems
    • Useful Strategies for Preventing Car Theft and Vandalism

Types of Car Security Cameras for Your Needs

Many of you may be new to the world of car security cameras and are in the market for a top-tier surveillance camera or system.

It’s not always a simple task to find auto security cameras that align with your needs as well as your economic means. Take these important points into account as you you shop for security cameras for vehicles.

Type of Power for Car Security Cameras

The positioning of where you park your car will dictate your capabilities here. Not all parking spots have a power source for traditional AC plug in.

Along with that, running wires is not always the best options as parking spots can be remote in terms of proximity to your home.

In a situation where you don’t have access to a power source, the perfect solution is the ONE Link System with Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras. The system captures crystal clear HD 1080P footage, features PIR thermal detection as well as other top-tier recording specs. But the thing that really sets it apart from the rest is its 5500 mAh battery that can last up to 6 months on a single charge.

6-month battery life means low maintenance with more up time to keep an all-important eye on your car.

If you are parking in a garage with a traditional power source, you may want to try one of our HD 1080p WiFi camera systems. These just require you to plug into power and connect to your existing WiFi network.

Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras Specs

Network Connection for Vehicle Security Cameras

If you want to receive mobile push notifications when significant motion is detected near you car, you need to have a reliable network connection for mobile device as well as your car security cameras.

In some cases, a wireless network is not present of the WiFi signal just isn’t strong enough. This can often be the case for remote garages, underground parking, or street parking that is to far from the residence.

Our best standalone cameras that can keep your car covered without a WiFi connection are the cameras in the ONE Link battery camera system. As we mentioned before, these are great for remote locations. To get the most out of them, you’ll want a strong WiFi connection. But, in the case that you have no WiFi network at all, these can still function with local micro SD recording up to 128GB.

If you don’t have a strong enough WiFi signal, but you do have a power source you can wire to, try a PoE security camera system. These will make for great car security cameras.

If you have a WiFi network but have long distance needs or just need to boost the transmission distance try a Ubiquiti Network Extender for more range and faster, more efficient networking.

WiFi Security Cameras

HD Data Storage for Car Security Cameras

There are times that your car security cameras will help you catch burglars or vandals in the act. Other times, they will help deter crime altogether. But, in a general sense it is always smart to have an efficient means of data storage and management with your surveillance cameras.

When you need to present evidence to the authorities, you’ll want easy access to your HD footage.

Many of our WiFi cameras and systems have options that range from local micro SD slots to affordable and encrypted Cloud storage to full NVRs with surveillance-grade hard drives. Along with that, our fully-wired HD IP systems also have great car security cameras with NVRs and DVRs for storage.

Most Important Car Security Camera Features

Some specs and features are too important to leave out of car security cameras.

Top-tier HD video quality, enhanced IR night vision, motion detection, mobile alerts and audio functions all make the list.

Installation Location of Indoor and Outdoor Car Security Cameras

To keep an eye on your vehicle, regardless the time of day, the physical placement of outdoor car security cameras matters.

When considering where to place outdoor security camera to watch over your vehicle, you should prioritize well-lit locations. Whether it is your driveway, an enclosed garage, street parking or a parking lot, the more light the better your detection as well as peace of mind with HD footage.

If you don’t have a naturally well-lit area to park, consider the ONE Nova Floodlight Camera. This HD camera comes with 2 ultra-bright LED floodlights that flash on when PIR thermal detection sensors detect the motion of humans or animals. This function not only lights up the area but also wards off trespassers and draws attention to the area. This is perfect the front of your house or garage, overlooking the driveway.

If you want exceptional day and night coverage whether you have good lighting or not, try our HD 5MP Color Night Vision System. This system has the perfect car security cameras as it captures HD footage in full color at night for more detail than ever.

HD 5MP Bullet Cameras

Best Car Security Cameras and Systems

We’ve polled our clients, asked for detailed feedback and scoured Reddit and other message boards to find out what people are really looking for in car security cameras. Here’s our list of best security cameras in the class.

Best Car Security Cameras for Any Situation – ONE Link Battery Camera $399

As we mentioned earlier, the ONE Link Wireless Outdoor Camera System is one of the best options for remote monitoring. Consequently, these are some of the best car security cameras as they don’t require you to run any cables.

Any remote place you park outdoors is easily covered by the ONE Link battery powered outdoor security cameras. Only needed to charge the battery every 6 months as well as free local storage makes these perfect for remote use.

Place them in the bushes in front of your house near the sidewalk where you park. Screw the mounting plate into a tree and use the camera’s magnetic back to angle in any direction. The possibilities are endless!

Best Car Security Cameras for Driveways – ONE Nova Floodlight Camera $219

The ONE Nova Floodlight Camera is the best way to watch over your driveway. If you park one or more cars in your driveway like millions of people do, you’ll want this HD floodlight camera.

Equipped with 2 ultra-bright LED floodlights, 270° PIR thermal detection, and a 100db siren, there won’t be any slipping by the ONE Nova. Vandals and burglars alike will be sent running if you have the ONE Nova overlooking your driveway.

Outdoor Floodlight Security Thermal Camera

Easily install this to the exterior of your garage or front eaves, run a single cable to power then connect to your WiFi network. It’s that simple!

Best Outdoor Car Security System – Ultra HD 4K Strobe Light System – $959

The Ultra HD 4K Strobe Light Camera System provides total coverage at the top end of our solutions. Ultra HD 4K resolution is the premier viewing experience of any security cameras on the market.

Install these units as car security cameras and you won’t miss a thing.

The Ultra HD 4K security cameras are equipped with bright flashing LED lights that will ward off crime as well as keep your car safe. Place the strobe light units overlooking your car and the rest can secure the perimeter of your home.

Best Nanny Cam for Monitoring Cars – ONE PT Indoor Camera $79

The best nanny cams have multiple functions. Place the ONE PT by the window. By day, it can be your perfect nanny cam to keep an eye on your little ones as well as your babysitter.

Conversely, but night, it can be the best indoor car security camera. Use it’s 360° remote pan function to re-position the camera angle right from the app. This allows you to face it outside and use it as a car security camera.

Click below to read more about nanny cams!

Nanny Cam

Best Car Security Camera System for Garage Interior – HD 1080P WiFi System $519

Sometimes garages are just too far from your main power source or NVR position. The perfect solution for this is our long range HD 1080P WiFi System.

This system is both economical and highly functional with pristine HD footage. The best part is that you only have to plug the cameras into power. From there, they transmit your HD footage via WiFi. Their long range transmission distance will be more than enough if your NVR is located inside the house.

As a result, you have the flexibility to use some of these are car security cameras and use the rest around your home as you see fit!

Best Video Doorbell Camera for Watching Parked Cars – ONE Halo Doorbell Camera $219

Your video doorbell doesn’t just have to have a single function. In fact, the best video doorbells capture who’s at the door, ensure safe package deliveries, allow you to communicate with two way audio and more. The ONE Halo Doorbell Camera is no exception to this!

Take those basic functions and add upgraded HD 3MP resolution, full color night vision and PIR thermal detection. Those are the high end features that you get with the ONE Halo. If you park directly in front of your entrance, on the curbside then this is another form of car security camera.

Useful Strategies for Preventing Car Theft and Vandalism

In 2017, authorities in California recorded that over 175 thousand vehicles were stolen. That equals well north of $1 billion. At a rate of one car theft every three minutes, it can feel hopeless to fight against.

If you are one of the lucky ones that has not experienced car theft or vandalism, it’s never too late to secure your vehicle with security camera solutions.

Make sure you always lock your car when you are away from it. Make sure windows are securely closed as well as your trunk. Plus, don’t leave bags or valuable items on seats or the floor of you car. This makes you a target and provides prime incentive for break-ins.

Try to park in well-lit areas that don’t provide the cover of darkness for perpetrators. On top of that, arming your parking area with car security cameras is always the best idea!