Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras – Buyer’s Guide

Let’s Shop for Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras

Updated: 3/12/19

When shopping for a battery powered outdoor security camera, you need to think about several factors. First of all you should consider the features and specifications you value, then think about the perfect areas for installation of a wire free batter security camera. Along with that, you should think about how to keep these cameras from being vandalized. We’re going to break these things down for you to help you see the benefits of wireless security cameras.

Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras

Follow us as we walk you through:

What to Look for in the Best Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras. Including:

  • What to Look for When Selecting Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras
  • Installation Strategy for Wireless Home Security Cameras
  • Tips for Keeping Wireless Security Cameras Out of Harm’s Way
  • Tech Specs of Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras
  • Wireless Security Camera FAQ’s

What to Look for When Selecting Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras

With plenty of battery operated outdoor security cameras on the market, you may have some questions of the most important functions and specifications.

Check out our priority list of things you should considered when shopping around for a battery powered security camera. Along with that, feel free to comment below with any further questions for clarification.

1. Weatherproof & Operating Temperature Range

These battery powered outdoor security cameras are designed for use in any weather. For that reason, they are equipped with weatherproofing standards to protect them form all forms of precipitation as well as inclement weather.

A camera’s IP rating denotes its ability to withstand the ingress of solid particles along with liquids. The first digit, on a scale from 1-6, represents the camera’s protection against small solid particles like dust and dirt. The second number, on a scale from 1-8, show’s the camera’s waterproofing. The higher the numbers, the better protected.

IP65 is the best rating for any battery powered WiFi surveillance cameras.

Many wireless battery cameras in the same class have much lower weatherproof standards. The ONE Link Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras on the other hand, feature IP65 weatherproofing for the best wireless weatherproof security camera coverage.

Click below to read more about weatherproof security cameras!

Weatherproof Battery Powered Cameras

The ONE Link Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras continue recording in extreme weather. They remain functional and reliable no matter the weather, allowing you to look in on your property even when the conditions are too dangerous for you go outside.

Along with the IP rating of battery powered outdoor security cameras, you should look into the operating temperature range. This can be important for extreme climates.

Generally, you want to find a wireless battery outdoor security camera that has a wide operating temperature range.

Consequently, if you find a camera unit with a wide range, you have a better chance of reliable coverage. The ONE Link Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras feature an operating temperature range of -4°F to 113°F.

2. IR Night Vision Capabilities for Battery Operated Outdoor Security Cameras

When you invest in a battery powered outdoor security camera, you likely expect a certain level of clarity in your picture.

Our battery powered WiFi cameras provide this day and night. They provide you with a clear view of anything that moves around your property at night to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. They can even make out defining features of people’s faces, which can make all the difference in providing crucial evidence.

Our top-tier wireless security cameras that come int he ONE Link system feature fully optimized 25ft IR night vision. Check out our ONE Link 2-pack + Smart Station for economical smart home coverage.

IR Night Vision Camera

3. Two-Way Audio Function of Battery Powered Wireless Security Cameras

It’s not just all about keeping visual contact with your property. For that reason, you’ll want to have as much contact with loved ones and visitors as possible.

That’s why the best battery powered outdoor security cameras on the market are equipped with built-in mics and speakers for real-time two-way talk.

the ONE Link features this but takes things up a notch. First of all, it allows you to use our free mobile app to speak with anyone in the vicinity of your cameras. You can do this remotely from anywhere.

Plus, advanced noise suppression blocks out unwanted background noise to make sure you can clearly understand people when they speak into the camera.

Greet your kids when they get home from school with two-way audio. Welcome visitors into your home. Or, give a vocal warning to trespasser that they are being watched to ward them off.

4. WiFi Connectivity and Range for Wireless Security Cameras

When you think about battery powered outdoor security cameras, you are looking for easy flexible options for installation. With that, you should also be looking for a long-range transmission distance. That will ensure your smooth video feed across wide areas.

Typically you want something that uses a traditional 2.4Ghz WiFi network for easy connection.

The ONE Link wireless home security cameras are 100% wire-free, easily connect to you existing WiFi network. You can either do this directly for on-the-go recording, or link the cameras via the Smart Station for even easier connection as well as improved HD livestream and playback footage.

Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras Smart Station

ONE Link Smart Station

5. Battery Life Per Single Charge of Wireless Outdoor Battery Cameras

Battery life has to be near the top of the list of important features for you to think about when you look for the perfect battery powered outdoor security cameras.

To avoid costly battery changing you should always choose rechargeable wireless security cameras that have long battery life per charge.

Industry average battery life per single charge is less than three months.

The ONE Link features 6 month battery life when connected via the Smart Station. Conversely, the cameras still feature a full 3 months of battery life per single charge when connected directly to your WiFi network. This gives you flexible options! Record with your Smart station in your home setup. Or, record on the go if you need to take the cameras along with you for a family trip!

Consider our ONE Link 4-Pack + Smart Station for total coverage!

6. Secure Installation and Network of Battery Powered Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

When it comes to the physical installation of our ONE Link wireless security cameras, the process couldn’t be easier. You either stick them directly on a metal surface, or use the dome-shaped mounting plate to place them on any surface.

The mounting plates make for 360° adjustable coverage as well as easy mobility.

Battery Camera Mounting Plate

Along with that, when you connect the cameras via the Smart Station, setup is so much easier! Simply plug the Smart Station into your wireless router and then synch each camera with the touch of a single button.

This also creates an private, secure network for these wireless home security cameras. They will be less vulnerable to attacks and will not require you to reenter credentials when reconnecting cameras as needed.

7. User-Friendly Free App for Wireless Cameras

Any good battery powered outdoor security cameras will come with a free app created by the security developer.

You can customize camera settings, network settings and other important specifications via these free mobile apps.

For the ONE Link outdoor security cameras, you can download the free LaView ONE app. Everything you need for your cameras can be managed from there.

As a result, you’ll have total, custom coverage for the outdoor area of your home.

8. Multiple Storage Options for Outdoor Cameras

Many battery powered outdoor security cameras require you to have a costly Cloud service subscription. A lot of the options on the market don’t have any other means of data management and storage.

Keeping your important footage stored safely in a hassle-free and secure manner should be a high priority. You don’t just want battery cameras with one expensive option here.

The ONE Link remedies this by giving you two completely manageable and accessible options for storage.

The first is a micro SD slot that supports up to 128GB of HD surveillance camera footage. This is completely free and easily accessible local storage.

The second option is an affordable low monthly Cloud subscription that provides expanded as well as encrypted offsite storage.

Installation Strategy for Wireless Home Security Cameras

For you to maximize the performance and coverage of your wireless home security cameras, you should consider installation areas and positions! Consider these three strategies:

Strategy 1: Find the Weak Link in Your Property

Before you install any type of security solution, you should think about the vulnerable areas around your home.

In a general sense, your front door, back entrance, garage, backyard, side/rear windows and lateral access gates are the most important locations for your battery powered outdoor security cameras.

The ONE Link wireless security cameras make this easy as their single-screw mounting plates as well as their magnetic backs make it easy for you to change your mind! Move them, angle them and adjust them on the go!

WiFi Security Cameras

Strategy 2: Select the Correct Installation Height of Outdoor Security Cameras

Many battery powered security cameras are easily movable. With that quality, comes concern of theft. That being said, placing battery cameras too high and out of reach may result in a loss of details in your capture image.

You want to find a happy middle ground for keeping your wireless security cameras safe. You want to place the cameras just out of arm’s reach, so that they are safely away from theft as well as low enough to capture every important detail.

Strategy 3: Direct Sunlight May Negatively Impact Your Wireless Outdoor Camera

Most battery powered security cameras have advanced lenses that deal with the fluctuation of light in their environments. That does not, however, mean that these wireless security cameras should be placed in direct sunlight. Overexposure to direct sunlight can cause visual disturbances that will get in the way of your pristine HD footage.

Along with that, make sure to angle your battery operated outdoor security cameras to avoid heavy reflected light from windows and other shiny surfaces.

Tips for Keeping Wireless Security Cameras Out of Harm’s Way

“Should I be concerned that my battery powered outdoor security cameras could be damaged or stolen by unwanted visitors? And what keeps others from hacking into my video feed?”

These are valid questions that are sure to be on the minds of many wireless security camera users. Here are some precautionary actions you can take in order to keep your cameras safe, as well as some key security features we’ve armed the ONE Link battery camera system with.

1. Consider Non-Magnetic Mounting for Wireless Security Cameras

Many wireless security cameras place a high premium on mobility as well as being able to freely shift the position of the camera. With that comes the danger of having the camera stolen. Consider using a sturdier mounting device for a more permanent installation. The ONE Link, for example has a standard size threaded hole on the bottom of the camera. This will allow you more mounting options as we release stands and mounting accessories. This will make it much harder for vandals or thieves to harm or take your battery powered outdoor security cameras.

2. Place Battery Powered IP Cameras Out of Reach

Beyond the installation benefits that we mentioned earlier, placing cameras in high positions keeps them out of harm’s way. Along with that, it reduces the chances of anyone walking off with your outdoor security cameras.

Did you place your cameras out of reach while finding the perfect viewing angle, but that makes accessing them hard for even you? Tired of having to get the ladder out just to recharge the camera batteries?

If these concerns apply to you, you’ll want to try our ONE Link battery powered outdoor security cameras. First of all, they feature up to 6 month battery life when connected via the Smart Station. As a result, you will require far less battery changes than the average wireless security cameras. Plus, we are going to be releasing small, easy-to-install solar panels for the ONE Link. This means if you install them in hard-to-reach places, they will be all set with a constant source of energy.

3.  Actively Use the Two Way Audio Function

Many battery operated outdoor security cameras come with easy two-way audio functions. This is meant as a means for you to communicate with your loved ones or visitors as they approach your camera’s detection zone.

The ONE Link in particular will send you mobile push notifications via the LaView ONE app when thermal motion detection is picked up. From there, you can instantly move to live view. Beyond just communicating with loved ones and welcome guests, you should use the two way audio function to ward off trespassers.

Battery Camera Two Way Audio

4. Use the Environment to Mask the Presence of Your Wireless Outdoor Camera

Choosing discreet areas with natural cover or some clever place to hide your battery powered outdoor security cameras will help keep them away from damage or theft.

Trees, bushes, any auxiliary alcoves for lighting fixtures are good, out-of-the-way locations to keep your cameras safe.

The more creative you can get with hidden locations, the better your chances are of keeping your cameras out of harm’s way. Just remember that you have to balance your desire to hide wireless security cameras with your need to have a clear, wide-angle view of the area. Don’t sacrifice your view for hiding the unit!

5. Seek Shelter for Your Battery Operated Outdoor Security Cameras

Sure, your ONE Link wireless battery cameras are designed for outdoor use with full IP65 weatherproofing. That doesn’t mean you have to use these exclusively outdoors! Place these inside if you need a convenient view of your interior rooms, or place them under the eaves of outdoor awnings. Not only will this protect the cameras from thieves and vandals, but it will also keep them safe from the elements (regardless of their weatherproofing, less moisture and elements will always mean better condition).

Tech Specs of Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras

At this point you may be wondering what the best battery powered outdoor security cameras are.

When you compare, spec for spec, there is no camera on the market that equals all the specs of the ONE Link Rechargeable Battery Camera System.

Many battery camera users either have to replace batteries frequently or charge them all the time. For that reason, we have optimized the ONE Link with a 6 month battery life when connected via the Smart Station. That is double the battery life of the average battery powered outdoor security cameras.

Along with that, we have included local free storage in the form of a micro SD slot in each camera. That means you have a subscription free security camera that allows you to record and access your footage easily. If you want more storage space and a higher level of encryption, try our affordable optional Cloud service.

Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras Specs

Still not convinced? Look at how the specs stack to make the best battery powered outdoor security cameras on the market.

ONE Link Specs:


HD 1080P

Viewing Angle

130° Wide Angle View


5500 mAh – Up to 6 Months

Local Free Storage

Micro SD up to 128GB


PIR Thermal Detection Sensor

Night Vision

25ft. IR Night Vision


Two-Way Audio

Noise Filter

Advanced Noise Reduction


IP65 All-Weather Use

Operating Temperature

-4°F ~ 113°F

Wireless Security Camera FAQ’s

We’ve included some frequently asked questions about battery powered outdoor security cameras for your convenience. See below.

1. What are Your Suggestions for Making Wireless Security Cameras Standout vs. Blend In?

This is a great question as choosing whether you want noticeable crime deterrence or discreet monitoring can be a totally decisive factor.

Refer to our earlier guide in this post if you want tips for hiding your cameras. There is absolutely value in choosing an unseen, masked place for your cameras. For example, a camera tucked in the bushes is sure to gather the most candid HD footage.

Conversely, if you want your battery powered outdoor security cameras to record as well as deter crime, place them high up on the corners of your home or other high, prominent places. This will send people in the other direction if they are thinking of breaking in.

2. Can Wireless Camera’s Motion Detection Be Turned Off?


The motion and thermal detection settings are completely customizable on your outdoor security cameras. You can easily access these settings on the LaView ONE App for the ONE Link battery camera system. This makes it easy to choose your detection sensitivity or even turn it off as necessary.

3.  Is the Installation Process for Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras Time Consuming?

Arguably the biggest benefit of having completely wire-free security cameras is their easy setup.

You don’t need to call an installer or even a handyman. The ONE Link in particular is designed to magnetically adhere to dome shaped metal mounting plates or directly to a metal surface. From there, you plug your Smart Station directly to your router and synch the cameras with the touch of a button.

Wireless Security Cameras Magnetic Mounting

This makes it easy for you to disconnect the cameras and reconnect as necessary without being asked for network credentials. Plus, you can move the cameras all around your property with their easy mobility.

4. What is the WiFi Range Like On Wireless Security Cameras?

All battery powered outdoor security cameras have different WiFi ranges. In a perfect, uninterrupted setup, the ONE Link can transmit video feed up to 300ft when connected to the base station. This is the hightest WiFi transmission range of any wireless security cameras.

When connected directly to the router, the cameras still boast an impressive 150ft. WiFi transmission range.

The true distance will always be affected by what is impeding the direct line from the battery powered outdoor security cameras and the router or Smart Station. The more walls and large objects in the way, the shorter the distance. This is true for all WiFi security cameras.