5 Things To Know When Buying a Nanny Cam

Nanny Cam Buyer’s Guide

Hiring a nanny may turn out to be the best option if you are a working parent. The issue here is that it may be difficult to find a trustworthy person to watch your children while you are at work. Along with that, there have been recent reports on the news about nanny cams catching abusive actions as well as hidden nanny cams alerting parents to misconduct while these bad babysitters are in the act. As a result, more people are looking to buy a nanny cam as a means of keeping their little ones safe.

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If you’re in the market for a nanny cam to keep any eye on both your children and the babysitter, you should consider the following frequently asked questions: what is a nanny cam? Is it legal to have hidden nanny cameras? Which camera models make the best nanny cam?

Section 1: Is it Illegal to Have a Nanny Cam?

You have several great reasons for wanting to use a nanny cam, including the safety of your kids, monitoring your caregiver, as well as bringing yourself peace of mind. With that said, you still have the question, are nanny cams illegal?

Whether you hide your nanny cams or you have them in plain view, you are perfectly within your legal rights. You do, however, need to be careful about the placement of your cameras; you could break security camera law if you place your camera in rooms where your babysitter should have reasonable privacy (ie. changing rooms, bathrooms, personal bedrooms or anywhere someone would change clothes). Pro tip: keep your nanny cams in common areas to avoid invasion of privacy issues!

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You may also be wondering about nanny cams with audio. Each state has different laws when it comes to recording audio. There are states that only require one of the people within the recording to know about it for it to be considered lawful. There are approximately 15 states in which it would be illegal to record audio of your nanny without notifying him/her. Always check your particular state laws before engaging in audio recording!

Section 2: Comparing Hidden Nanny Cams and Visible Nanny Cams

A nanny cam (short for nanny camera) is a typically small security camera that is used to keep an eye on your nanny or any other adult that is in charge or watching your children. Beyond being great for discreet viewing, nanny cams are generally smaller and less eye-catching in their design.

Nanny cams are often labeled as hidden spy cams. That begs the question: are nanny cams always hidden cameras? This is certainly not the case. The nanny camera comes in two variations: hidden nanny cams and visible nanny cams.

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Visible Nanny Cam on Kitchen Counter

Hidden nanny cameras (aka spy cameras) take the form of some other commonplace object. This can be a stuffed animal, a vase, or any other decorative item. This is used to blend in and intentionally deceive nannies into thinking there is no form of surveillance at hand.

Conversely, visible nanny cams are the same as baby monitors or many of our standalone cameras. These models can be places on a flat surface or mounted on a vertical surface with ease!

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Section 3: The Important Specs to Look For When Purchasing a Nanny Cam

As you shop for a nanny cam, you should acquaint yourself with the most desirable features and specifications that any good nanny camera should have.

    • Resolution

      You’re always going to want an HD nanny cam. High definition cameras feature more pixels per captured image for improved viewing and details. With more clarity comes a higher demand for storage and a higher price. This is something to consider when buying your nanny camera. These important aspects considered, HD 1080P resolution is the ideal intersection of high definition camera clarity and storage/cost.

    • Two-Way Talk

      Our nanny cameras come with built-in mics and speakers for easy two-way audio. This allows you to stay in vocal contact with your children as well as give vocal instructions to the nanny as necessary! As mentioned above, check on your individual state laws to ensure you are lawfully following audio surveillance laws.

    • WiFi

      A WiFi camera with wireless data transmission is the way to go when shopping for a nanny cam or baby monitor. This gives you the most accessibility as well as makes it easy to move when you have a wireless network connection.

    • Mobile Compatibility

      View your HD livestream or playback footage from anywhere with an iPhone, iPad or Android device. This allows you ton instantly look in on your little ones along with your nanny.

    • Motion Detection

      Your eyes won’t always be on your livestream footage via your computer or mobile device. Nor should they be! Advanced motion sensors on your nanny cam will detect motion in custom areas and send you a mobile push notification to keep you alert and aware!

      Nanny Cam Kids

    • Storage

      There are two absolutely crucial facets of a nanny cam: monitoring and recording. It is not enough to just monitor your child and caregiver. You need to record HD surveillance footage. Our nanny cameras allow you to record via micro SD for local storage or affordable Cloud service for expanded and encrypted data management.

    • Capture Zone

      Viewing angle on your indoor security camera is extremely important. Choosing a nanny cam with wide-angle viewing is to your benefit, so you can cover of a given room with less cameras.

    • Power

      Your power source will either come in the form of a rechargeable battery camera or an AC powered camera. With battery-powered nanny cams, you will have full flexibility for installation. Being fully wireless cameras, they can be placed anywhere with ease! Considering that you are placing your nanny cam indoors, an AC-powered security camera isn’t too limiting as your rooms likely have plenty of power outlets to choose from.

Section 4: Our Top 4 Recommendations

If you are looking for a top-tier nanny cam that blends into your decor, we suggest the ONE Dot Indoor WiFi Camera. It is extremely cost effective, provides excellent HD 1080P video and can be placed on any flat surface or metal surface with it’s magnetic base! Learn more below.

Next, if you want to step up your all-around nanny camera coverage, we recommend the ONE PT. This pan/tilt nanny cam covers an entire room with its 360° remote controls as well as motion tracking. If your little ones are toddlers or older, they may be on the move. Set the ONE PT in the center of the room and capture all the important movement of the kids and the nanny!

ONE PT Video Surveillance Cameras

Next on the list is our new ONE Link Wireless Battery Camera System. With completely wireless security cameras, you can place them anywhere with their dome-shaped mounting bases or stick them directly to any metal surface. A Smart Station for single-button synching, 6-month battery life, onboard free storage and more pro features just can’t be beat! As the kids grow up this nanny cam perfectly transitions to an all-use outdoor battery camera!

Our final recommendation isn’t part of the ONE Series, but it deserves a mention! The HD 1080P Human Detection Camera is the perfect under-the-radar nanny cam. Not only does it record in stunning HD 1080p video, but it also features face detection! Register the nanny’s picture in the camera to ensure the safety of your children!

Section 5: Where is the Best Place to Buy the Best Nanny Cam?

The nanny camera market has plenty of options. Especially when you look at big retailers that often includes big markups. All 4 of the recommendations above as well as more are available directly on our website. Check out our standalone camera options for the best nanny cam selection along with more smart home-friendly security cameras! Plus, scroll down a little on this page and drop us your email for exclusive deals and offers!