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Beyond the FAQ – Home Security Camera Systems

At LaView, we place a high premium on customer feedback as well as product inquiry. The questions that you ask often bring to light new opportunities for product development along with an opportunity for us to educate our clientele on our home security camera systems.

Home Security Camera Systems

Questions and feedback are an integral part of the process here at LaView. We do our best to conceptualize every aspect of a home when we develop our home security camera systems. Along with that, we think about how we can take the R&D process a step further for convenience and DIY ease.

Quality, versatility and accessibility are our top priorities for our clients. When we get questions frequently enough about a certain subject, we file them into our FAQ’s and really try to think about how it can help our development process. Questions are often the best kind of feedback. Consequently, we go back to these questions and think about more solutions and more progress for both LaView and our clientele.

As a result, we’ve pulled some recent questions that we think are absolutely critical to share. Take a look with us at some really important questions about our home security camera systems.

Question 1: What is my best option for making a custom camera system for my home?

This seems like a simple question, but in reality, there are a lot of ways to look at this! At LaView, we’re all about custom options for our home security camera systems. If you follow our brand, you know that is at the forefront of our message.

Every property is unique with specific surveillance needs, so providing you with multiple custom options is a priority for us!

Option 1: Build Your Kit – Home Security Camera Systems

This may be the most obvious of our solutions when we talk about a custom system. The Build Your Kit Page allows you to go through the process of customizing your ideal system from the ground up. You choose from our various NVR’s with a range of different channel options as well as the amount of terabytes you want for your surveillance-grade hard drive.

From there, you choose your cameras a la carte. You can choose camera by camera from our IP camera selection. The units range from doorbell cameras to dome and bullet cameras for comprehensive coverage.

Build Your Kit IP Security Camera Systems

Option 2: Premade Home Security Camera Systems + Expanding

Just because you go with one of our premade home security camera systems doesn’t mean there is no room for customization. In fact, many of our kits come with NVRs that have 8 or 16 channels and an amount of cameras that is less than the number of channels. We do this as a way for our clients to save money as well as have room to expand in the future.

This is particularly true with our HD IP cameras. They connect easily via PoE cables or with WiFi (depending on the type of IP kit). A LaView HD IP security system is one of the most versatile solutions on the market.

Try our our ultra HD 4K Strobe Light System for top-of-the-line 8MP imaging and crime deterring visual effects. Add on a couple IP cameras as you need with those 2 open NVR channels!

If you want to go a little more economical, choose our HD 1080P WiFi System. This is one of our most versatile home security camera systems that connects to your existing WiFi network. This also allows you to add any of our WiFi IP cameras for more of a custom feel.

Read more about some of our top options across our product lines!

Best Video Security Systems

Question 2: Am I better off with a wired camera system or a WiFi camera system?

This is a hard question! It comes up much more commonly than you would think. When we do professional consultations with clients over the phone, it is one of the first questions many of them ask.

At recent trade shows and events, there is a sense that industry insiders (builders, installers, etc.) favor fully-wired camera systems. That relates a little bit more to business security solutions. We find their trepidation regarding WiFi solutions to be relatively unfounded. Our WiFi cameras and systems feature strong, secure connections as well as extended transmission distances.

When it comes to home security camera systems, you really have to think about what suits your needs. If you want to go higher end with your viewing experience, you can check out our Ultra HD 4K line. This represents the top-tier of imaging across the entire industry.

If you still want improved viewing, you can try out our HD 4MP System. This system still provides a considerably upgraded viewing experience but saves you a little money!

If you want to go more economical but with a wider range of installation applications, then go with a WiFi camera system. This is particularly helpful for large properties or residences with multiple buildings where running full network cabling would be a hassle. Our WiFi camera solutions plug into power and connect wirelessly to your existing network.

As a result, you get expansive coverage that allows you more creative solutions with your space.

WiFi Security Cameras

Question 3: If I have multiple LaView security cameras, can I use one app for all of them?

The answer to this one all depends on what we are talking about here. Generally,  if you have our security solutions from the same product line, you can use them on the same app.

If you are looking to buy one of our premade kits, or you are looking to use our Build Your Kit tool for custom home security camera systems, whatever you choose will all run off of one app. When you make separate purchases from our site, you can check on the product listing for which free LaView app the unit works with.

As our client, you are always welcome to give our product expert product support specialists a call at Free Sales Consultation Call626-566-7550 for a free consultation. They can help you strategize based on your surveillance needs and answer any specific questions on our products.

ONE Series – WiFi Home Security Solutions

The other route is exploring our standalone camera options. Over the last year, we have been adding to our ONE Series. It is our range of smart home-friendly security solutions for home. The trick here is that you can create your own home security camera systems by using these all around the house.

ONE Series Home Security Camera Systems

Camera Type

ONE Series Solution

Mini Indoor Camera/Baby Monitor

ONE Dot – HD 1080P WiFi Camera

Pan/Tilt Indoor Camera

ONE PT – 360° Pan/Tilt WiFi Camera

Doorbell Camera

ONE Halo – 3MP Doorbell Camera

Peephole Camera

ONE Peek – Full HD Peephole Camera

Floodlight Camera

ONE Nova – 2 LED’s + PIR Thermal Camera

Outdoor Battery Camera

ONE Nova – WiFi Battery Camera (coming soon!)

They all run off of the free LaView ONE app! You can combine these cameras to provide you comprehensive coverage around the house as well as view them in on consolidated app.

The ONE Series is elevating home security camera systems and integrating with smart home solutions across the nation. Read more below about the ONE Series life cycle!