What to Expect When You Ring Doorbell Cameras

Looking at Why We Ring Doorbell Chimes

It’s common practice growing up to ring doorbell chimes of your neighborhood friends and ask them to come outside and play.

When You Ring Doorbell Cameras

As you get older, you ring the doorbell to visit with your neighbors, ask them to borrow some sugar (which you may or may not return) for that cake you’re baking, or even to tell them to move their car from in front of your mailbox.

We ring doorbell chimes to get people’s attention as well as to request communication with them.

Some professions, like delivery people, require them to ring doorbell units to signify the arrival of a package or to ask for physical contact for a required signature.

Doorbells are all about breaking down barriers as well as bringing people closer to one another.

When you upgrade to a doorbell camera, you are adding an extra layer of classic security to your chime. You are combining the basic functionality of a traditional doorbell with the visual security of a peephole. These two are the time-tested forms of being alerted to someone’s presence and seeing who is there before opening the door.

The two front door solutions we’ve added to our array of standalone cameras have become integral parts of people’s smart home/security setups!

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What Happens Before You Ring Doorbell Cameras

With the introduction of the ONE Series, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about smart home needs. Along with that, we think about the practical security needs of our clients. We do our best to conceptualize spaces within a household that make sense for accessible, smart home-friendly solutions.

One of the top priority areas is the front door. We wanted to bring you an updated doorbell as well as peephole camera. The result, two of the best front door surveillance cameras that can alert you to people who approach before they even ring doorbell buttons!

ONE Peek Peephole Camera – $249


Full HD Resolution Doorbell Camera


4.3” Interior Touchscreen Monitor


Built-In Doorbell Chime


Built-In Two-Way Audio


Rechargeable Battery up to 6 Month Life


PIR Thermal Detection Sensor


Onboard 128GB Micro SD or Cloud Storage

ONE Halo Doorbell Camera – $239


HD 3MP Resolution

Thermal Detection

PIR Thermal Detection Sensor


Built-In Doorbell Chime


Built-In Two-Way Audio

Night Vision

Full Color Night Vision


IP65 All-Weather Use


128GB Micro SD or Cloud Storage

Both solutions use PIR thermal sensors, which detect the motion of humans as well as eliminate false alarms. Consequently, if you have these sophisticated sensors in use, you will have an idea of who approaches your door before they even ring doorbell buttons!

The ONE Peek has a built-in doorbell chime, while the ONE Halo connects to the mechanical chime already wired in your home!

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How You Know When People Ring Doorbell Cameras

As mentioned above, both of these doorbell surveillance camera units have audible chime functions to alert your to a visitor.

The ONE Halo connects to your existing wiring and uses your mechanical chime to get your attention. The wiring connection is simple, with two small cables connecting to the back of the unit. The large button on the Halo has a clearly-marked bell icon for those who ring to know where to press.

Wide Angle Doorbell Camera

Along with that, the ONE Peek also has a large chime button with a bell icon. The difference here is that the bell button triggers a built-in chime. This isn’t quite as loud as the chime on the ONE Halo, but you have to remember, the installation on this peephole camera is a few less steps!

Let’s consider what happens when you’re not at home.

For decades, people have had doorbells and peepholes to see who’s at the door. The technology was functional, yet limited to what was physically in front of you at your home. You had to be inside the house to hear the chime and to walk over to your front door to see who’s there. This is outdated as well as archaic when you consider the convenience our tech can bring to your life.

Peephole Camera

Both the ONE Peek and ONE Halo allow you to view your live footage and stored recordings remotely via the free LaView ONE App. That means when people ring doorbell cameras at your home, you will receive a mobile push notification as well as have instant remote access to see who’s there!

Plus, the ONE Peek provides you with multiple viewing options. View with the app, or view locally with the 4.3″ interior door monitor.

Controlling What Happens After People Ring Doorbell Cameras

Again, when we think back to our primitive ways of answering the door when people used to ring doorbell chimes, communication was less than ideal. You’d have to get up and walk over to the door when you heard your chime. Then you would look through the peephole as well as assess who’s there.

After that, if you wanted to communicate without opening the door, you really weren’t left with any options besides shouting through the door. That isn’t the best way to make friends.

Both the ONE Halo and the ONE Peek feature built-in microphones and speakers for two-way audio. This allows you to communicate with anyone at the door with real-time audio via the mobile app. As a result, you will be able to keep in vocal contact with anyone at the door.

Delivery Person Ring Doorbell

If the kids get home from school and you are at work, greet them when they pop up via PIR detection or doorbell chime notification.

With all the online shopping you do, it’s important to ensure that your packages arrive safely. Now when your front door solution detects the delivery person, or when they ring the chime (depending on your alert settings) you will get a mobile push notification and be able to communicate directly. You can tell them to place the package anywhere you like!

In the even that someone is trying to gain access to your home by breaking a front window or prying your door open, this is the ideal time to have the PIR sensor at work. You can use two-way audio to tell the perpetrator to get lost! No one is likely to stick around when they know they are on camera.

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Ensuring People Ring Doorbell Cameras

To guarantee that people can easily ring doorbell cameras at your home, we have made installation and set up of these two units incredibly hassle-free. The ONE Halo takes just a little bit more wiring as you have to connect it to your existing mechanical doorbell chime. But overall, it is a seamless process that mostly just requires you to physically mount the camera after connecting a couple wires to the back of the unit.

Check out the step-by-step video guide for ONE Halo installation!

The ONE Peek is even easier! It is completely wireless and slots seamlessly into your existing peephole. No drilling, no hassle. You simply take out your peephole lens, slot the camera through and screw it in to the interior door mounting bracket.

For a closer look at the process with tips for installation, check out our step-by-step blog with video included!

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