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Can WiFi Cameras Maximize Your Surveillance Coverage?

In the last decade, more and more technology has come out that relies on WiFi. People gravitate toward this type of data transmission because the less wires, the easier the setup. One of the top-desired features of any technology is efficiency. This trend has led to LaView offering a wide array of DIY WiFi cameras.

WiFi Cameras

Wireless data transmission is the way to go if you have a tricky setup for wiring purposes. Along with that, if you have a large property as well as multiple buildings, long distance WiFi connectivity is the ideal solution.

Conversely, if you want simple one-off security solutions for your home, you can also benefit from our standalone cameras. Many of these singular WiFi cameras are perfect solutions to specific needs around the house. They are designed to be family-friendly security solutions that will keep everyone connected with the happenings in your home.

To bring to light the top benefits of our WiFi cameras, as well as give you a first-hand look at them, we have asked some of our clients to provide us with their feedback.

ONE Peek Peephole Doorbell Camera

Mike – Asheville, NC

I make a lot of online purchases. I’m guilty of the millennial thing, where I avoid going out to buy things as much as possible. I didn’t believe that people trolled about random neighborhoods looking for packages to steal until it happened to me. We live in a safe neighborhood where the crime rate is extremely low, so when we experienced package theft, my wife and I were really appalled. First of all, I wanted my wife and daughter to be safe in the house as well as make sure that our packages arrived safely on a weekly basis.

Peephole Doorbell Camera

At first, I was looking at full IP camera systems, but then I figured a doorbell camera would be ideal. We really just needed to monitor the front door and make sure we could see what was going on there as well as communicate with delivery people. The trouble with this is that my current doorbell sits at a right angle to my front door. It’s on the wall perpendicular to my entrance. That meant if I went with a traditional doorbell camera, I could only see the side of people who approached. I wasn’t willing to settle. I wanted a front and center view of the door, so I wouldn’t miss anything. This led me to the One Peek by LaView.

The ONE Peek Exceeded My Expectations

I loved the way the camera fit into my peephole. No drilling, no tricky stuff. Literally just placed it in the peephole and screwed in the mounting bracket on the inside of the door. Viewing quality is great. Now I can see and speak with delivery people. I like them to put my packages behind the bushes in front of our house. I was worried because I was worried about WiFi cameras and their reliability. But I haven’t had a single problem in that department. Plus, the monitor on the inside of the door is a great way for us to see who is at the door when we’re home. My daughter can even use it. It’s just a huge upgrade to being able to see who’s at the door with a peephole, plus all the benefits of a security camera. Excellent experience with the One Peek.

ONE Peek: The New Alternative to Doorbell WiFi Cameras

The ONE Peek Peephole Doorbell Camera is our innovative alternative to the traditional doorbell camera. As Mike explained, the camera slots right into your existing peephole and records in full HD. In this review, he points out some of the key reasons to trust the ONE Peek with your front door security! Let’s take a closer look:

  • The ONE Peek installs directly into your current peephole for easy installation.
  • The Peek features the same long-distance wireless data transmission as our full IP WiFi cameras.
  • ONE Peek is perfect for seeing who is at the door along with ensuring packages arrive safely and discreetly.
  • Built-in mic and speaker for two-way audio is ideal for communicating with anyone at the door.
  • The ONE Peek is family friendly, allowing anyone to view who’s at the door.

Peephole Doorbell Security Camera

ONE PT Indoor WiFi Camera

Tracy – Alta Loma, CA

I have two young children and an adorable Goldendoodle puppy. Needless to say, I needed to keep an eye on the inside of my home. The little ones are constantly running around and breaking things. The puppy basically does the same. The household is high-energy, and I really want to keep an eye on what goes on. We have a nanny that picks up the kids and is with them for 2 hours before I get home.

I wanted a DIY security camera, but I also didn’t want a big project. I don’t have a lot of spare time in my schedule, so mounting cameras and running cables is not something I wanted to deal with. The ONE PT by LaView was the perfect answer to everything I needed. I wanted something that could cover the entire living room area without being too obvious.

Setup was easy, connecting to WiFi was a breeze and the app is really user-friendly. The ONE PT covers the whole space with motion tracking and controls right from my phone. Perfect for keeping an eye on the little ones and our puppy.

Full HD Coverage in 360° with the ONE PT

We’re glad Tracy made her way to the ONE PT Indoor WiFi Camera. It is perfect in every way for the type of coverage she was looking for. The ONE Series was designed to provide family-friendly WiFi cameras for everyday needs. That is exactly what this family gained from the ONE PT. Here are some key takeaways from Tracy’s experience with the camera:

  • The ONE PT makes for easy indoor coverage without attracting too much attention. This will ensure that your guests don’t feel like they are under surveillance.
  • The camera is capable of 360° motion tracking with its full panning capabilities.
  • You can also use your mobile app to remotely control the camera’s pan and tilt. You can do this from wherever you are with ease.
  • Power on and connect this camera to your existing WiFi network and you are ready to view and record.
  • The camera’s 360° motion tracking/controls allow the camera to cover an entire space, like Tracy’s living room with just one unit.

Indoor WiFi Cameras

Take a closer look at our standalone options to see the best WiFi cameras for your home.

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