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Is It Too Cold Out for Your Outdoor Security Cameras?

Ever wondered about the operating range of your outdoor security cameras? We’re going to go over what you can expect from LaView cameras in light of the recent extreme temperatures across the country.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Last week, it was estimated that roughly ¾ of the country’s population would be dealing with sub-freezing temperatures.

This is an almost unheard of coldsnap that adversely impacts people’s day-to-day lives as well as their safety.

People have had to bundle up, take extra precautions when traveling and go through exhausting measures to maintain the safety and accessibility of their homes.

With all that on their minds, should people have to worry about the state of their outdoor security cameras?

With snow falling in bundles, sleet pelting everything in sight and rain freezing on contact with surfaces, we’re left wondering how people’s surveillance cameras fare against inclement and dangerous weather.

We can only speak for our units, but if the people in our northern states choose LaView, they won’t have to worry about the reliability of their outdoor security cameras.

Our IP-rated weatherproof standards on our security solutions guarantee you top-tier coverage regardless of the weather conditions.

IP-Rated  Weatherproof Outdoor Security Cameras

Our outdoor security cameras are designed to stand up to any environmental conditions. Whether we’re talking about extreme cold, excessive heat, rain, snow or dirt and dust kicked up by heavy winds, our weatherproofing standards keep the inner mechanisms of the cameras safe.

4K Outdoor Security Cameras

The IP rating of a camera is represented in two numbers.

The first number is on a scale of 1-7 and represents the camera’s level of protection in relation to solid particles.

This is particularly important to consider when you think of the intrusion of dirt or dust, especially in windy areas.

A rating of 1 means the unit is not protected. A rating of 7 means it is completely dust-tight and will not be harmed by even the smallest of particles.

Typically, you want a rating of at least 5 or higher in this category to ensure the safety and functionality of your outdoor security cameras.

Protection Against Liquids for Outdoor Security Cameras

The second digit in an IP rating represents a camera’s protection against the ingress of water as well as other liquids.

This is likely the most important part of the rating if you live in a region where you get a lot of precipitation.

This is on a scale of 1-9. A rating of 1 means the unit has no protection against liquids. Conversely, a rating of 9 means the device can be submerged and come under prolonged liquid pressure without being compromised.

Ratings above 7 in this category are extremely rare for outdoor security cameras. Your higher end units will have between a 5 and 7 rating in this category. That means they are protected from low pressure jets of liquid to high pressure jets of liquid. This is more than sufficient for a surveillance camera.

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Surveillance Protection in Any Climate

As we think about the recent wave of cold weather, our minds often go to the rain and snowfall.

Beyond the weatherproofing against small solid particles and liquids, the cameras are also protected against extreme temperatures. They function in extreme cold as well as extreme heat.

Our outdoor security cameras function in sub-freezing temperatures with our top-performing units guaranteeing full functionality in as low as -22°F.

In the Midwest, even if temperatures approached record-breaking lows, our cameras would stay up and running at all times. This is just one less thing for users in extreme weather to worry about!

On the other end of the spectrum, many of our IP cameras function in extreme heat up to 140°F.

The record high temperature in the United States is 134°F. That was in Death Valley over 100 years ago. Though its scorching, if temperatures even approach record range, LaView cameras will have you covered!

Ultra HD 4K Outdoor Security Cameras

Our first recommendation for outdoor surveillance is one of our newest IP security camera systems. The Ultra HD 4K Strobe Light Camera System provides top-of-the-line imaging as well as deters crime.

This is ideal coverage for the perimeter of your home or business.

The cameras in this system boast an IP66 weatherproof rating as well as an operating temperature range of -22°F to 131°F. As a result, you’ll have a system that protects your property, provides you crystal-clear image quality and continues functioning in even the worst weather conditions!


Ultra HD 4K Strobe Light Camera


IP66 All-Weather Use

Operating Temperature

-22°F ~ 131°F


Flashing LED Strobe Lights


115° PIR Thermal Human Detection

Night Vision

66ft. IR Night Vision


Two-Way Audio

ONE Halo – The First Fully Weatherproof Doorbell Camera

Front door security is more important than ever. People want to keep their families safe as well as ensure that their packages arrive safely.

The market is full of options when it comes to doorbell cameras, but have you ever considered a weatherproof front door surveillance solution?

This thought may have never crossed your mind because there aren’t any fully weatherproof doorbell cameras outside of the ONE Halo Doorbell Camera.

Consequently, the ONE Halo is the next generation doorbell camera that upgrades everything about front door security.

It has an IP65 weatherproof rating as well as a -22°F to 140°F temperature range. This is the only doorbell to include full weatherproof protection. If you are in an area that is effected by frequent inclement weather or northern states where severe weather conditions are a concern, this is the front door solution for you. Whether you have an awning or not, extreme weather can damage your front door camera. The ONE Halo is a necessary step up!

Along with that, the ONE Halo is the first camera to offer upgraded HD 3MP resolution, full color night vision and a PIR thermal detection sensor. Beyond all that, it also offers a 180° vertical view, allowing you to see everything from top to bottom of your entryway.

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ONE Halo Doorbell Camera


IP65 Weather Durability

Operating Temperature

-22°F ~ 140°F




PIR Thermal Human Detection

Night Vision

16ft. Full Color Night Vision


Built-In Mic and Speaker

HD 4MP Dome Outdoor Security Cameras

In this conversation of weatherproof outdoor security cameras, we can’t undervalue the benefits of the HD 4MP Dome Camera.

If you are looking for a great option for the exterior of your home that is both weatherproof and vandalproof, the dome camera is the top option.

Outdoor Security Cameras Weatherproof

Its protective dome only bolsters its considerable IP67 weatherproof rating. This camera also has a -22°F to 140°F temperature range.

Plus, this camera brings you twice the image quality as the average 1080P security camera. As a result, HD 4MP provides stunning clarity at a relatively economical price point.

For price and performance as well as reliability, this camera is unmatched by any other outdoor security cameras!


HD 4MP Dome Camera


IP67 All-Weather Protection

Operating Temperature

-22°F ~ 140°F

Viewing Angle

105° Wide-Angle View


Customizable Motion Detection

Night Vision

100ft. IR Night Vision

Impact Protection