Video Security Cameras – Build Your Kit Today

Video Security Cameras

LaView is all about providing exactly what our clients need. Our video security cameras come in various combinations, full systems, and standalone solutions to provide a wide array of options.

Video Security Cameras

One of the biggest benefits of choosing LaView security solutions is being able to customize your own kit. You can mix and match all of our video security cameras within the same product line to make your custom surveillance solution.

We have many pre-made kits as well as standalone camera options that allow you to create and expand your security system as you see fit.

The ultimate way of creating your DIY system is our Build Your Kit tool. With Build Your Kit, you can choose from any of our IP video security cameras to make the ideal kit.

Build Your Kit Home

The customize home security option allows you to choose from some of our most user-friendly single cameras as well as our network IP cameras that will bring you comprehensive coverage. From front door security to outdoor weatherproof cameras, this range of video security cameras has everything.

You can choose from a number of NVRs with varying channels and levels of storage with this option too!

Build with Standalone WiFi Cameras

Choose from our ONE Series home security options. Add any of these cameras to the mix for easy WiFi connectivity and family-friendly surveillance coverage.

Build Your Kit Home – ONE Series Cameras

ONE Nova – LV-PWFL182-U

HD 1080P Floodlight

ONE Halo – LV-PDB1630-U

HD 3MP Doorbell Camera


HD 1080P Indoor Pan/Tilt Camera

The ONE Nova is our new floodlight camera option. Its ultra-bright LED’s flash on with motion detection to illuminate the surrounding area and ward off crime. It also uses a 270° PIR thermal detection sensor to distinguish between the movement of humans/animas and inanimate objects.

The ONE Halo is the industry’s leading doorbell security camera. It upgrades the front door viewing experience with HD 3MP resolution and full color night vision. It is the first doorbell surveillance camera to be equipped with IP65 weatherproofing and a PIR thermal detection sensor.

The ONE PT is a mini WiFi indoor camera with remote pan and tilt controls. You can cover and entire room with just 1 camera due to its 360° pan controls.

ONE PT Video Surveillance Cameras

Gain Economic Clarity with HD 1080P

1080P cameras provide upgraded clarity at a great price. They are the industry standard for economical video security cameras.

Build Your Kit Home – HD 1080P Cameras


HD 1080P Bullet Camera


HD 1080P Dome Camera


HD 1080P WiFi Bullet Camera


HD 1080P WiFi Dome Camera

HD 1080P Bullet Cameras are available here for prominent, eye-catching surveillance coverage. They work for both indoor and outdoor coverage. Placing them on the perimeter of your building will add a lot of crime-deterring value. They are available in both PoE and WiFi models.

WiFi Outdoor Bullet Camera

HD 1080P Dome Cameras lend a subtler brand of surveillance to your setup. They blend perfectly with most interiors. Their protective domes make them durable and obscure the direction of the lenses. They are available in both PoE and WiFi models.

Upgrade with Ultra HD 4K and HD 4MP

Ultra HD 4K is our top resolution option. Choose this for the optimal video security cameras coverage with the most detail.

Our HD 4MP is the perfect middle ground to save you money while providing a significant upgrade to your viewing.

Build Your Kit Home – UHD 4K + HD 4MP Cameras


HD 4MP Bullet Camera


HD 4MP Dome Camera


Ultra HD 4K Bullet Camera


Ultra HD 4K Dome Camera

Both bullet and dome cameras are available here both resolution levels. All Bullet and Dome camera options are fully-wired PoE IP cameras.

Build Your Kit Business

Build Your Kit Business provides our upper echelon of video security cameras. Their professional functionality is perfect for any commercial setting, from retail to offices to warehouses.

These units include bullet cameras, dome cameras and our high-powered PTZ for end-to-end coverage.

Full-Scale Coverage with HD 1080P

The base options for bullet and dome cameras are the same here. The game changer in this category is the PTZ camera. Equip this in a parking lot for an all-around view of your surroundings with an incredible 30x zoom capability!

Build Your Kit Business – HD 1080P Cameras


HD 1080P Bullet Camera


HD 1080P Dome Camera


HD 1080P PTZ Camera

PTZ 1080P Camera

Clarity at a High Frame Rate with HD 4MP

HD 4MP is the perfect intersection of price, performance and power. Explore the options!

Build Your Kit Business – HD 4MP Cameras


HD 4MP Bullet Camera


HD 4MP Bullet Matrix IR Camera


HD 4MP Bullet Varifocal Camera


HD 4MP Dome Camera


HD 4MP Dome Varifocal Camera


HD 4MP Turret Camera

First, we have our bullet cameras. There are the classic bullets, varifocal and matrix IR. Varifocal allows you to manually adjust the zoom of the lens while the matrix IR provides enhanced IR night vision.

HD 4MP Security Camera System

Second, we have our Dome cameras that come in our classic model as well as varifocal. Benefit from the protective dome and adjustable zoom lens.

Finally, we have the HD 4MP turret camera. This model has the best IR night vision out of any of our video security cameras.

Experience the Most Detail with Ultra HD 4K

The Ultra HD 4K resolution is unmatched. This selection includes the same camera models above but upgrades the resolution level to bring you the most clarity and highest level of detail possible.

Build Your Kit Cameras


Ultra HD 4K Bullet Camera


Ultra HD 4K Bullet Varifocal Camera


Ultra HD 4K Dome Matrix IR Camera


Ultra HD 4K Dome Varifocal Camera


Ultra HD 4K Turret Camera

4K Security Camera System