Dome Camera Surveillance Systems – Deter Crime Before It Starts

A Deeper Dive into Dome Camera Surveillance Systems

Recently, we looked at the benefits of dome camera surveillance systems. The dome camera is a surveillance staple that is particularly popular in commercial settings. They hold a particular favor in the business world as owners like their understated presence. Whether they are implemented in offices, retail stores or restaurants, business owners use dome camera surveillance systems’ discreet designs to fit into their interior while maintaining top-notch security coverage.

Dome Camera Surveillance Systems

Their protective dome makes them the ideal choice for places where you want vandal-proof housing as well as an obscured viewing angle. This unsettles people and deters crime as they do not know which areas of the property are covered by dome camera surveillance systems and which aren’t.

We’ve compiled a list of the best dome cameras for every level of security, to help you find the perfect intersection of resolution, price and features for you!

Ultra HD 4k Dome Camera Surveillance Systems

The ultra HD 4K camera line is our category of top performing, highest resolution surveillance solutions. The 4K dome security cameras are no exception to this. They provide all the usual benefits of our 4K cameras with the subtle design and protective build of the dome camera. Choosing a 4K security camera will take your surveillance system to the pinnacle of the industry’s recording capabilities.

4K Security Camera System

Ultra HD 4K Dome Camera:

  • Ultra HD 4K Resolution
  • Vandal-Proof Dome
  • IR Night Vision up to 100ft
  • IP67 Weatherproofing
  • PoE Connectivity

Ultra HD 4K dome camera surveillance systems represent the top of the line dome options across any of our product lines. We suggest going with these if you are looking to equip a large-scale business with the best surveillance solutions available. This goes for expansive office buildings, large retail stores and even large restaurants.

4K resolution is also known as 8MP. That means there are over 8 million individual pixels in each image captured by the cameras. This brings the best viewing experience right to your fingertips as you view your livestream or playback footage from our free mobile app. Choose ultra HD 4K dome camera surveillance systems for top-quality surveillance coverage.

Ultra HD 4K Motorized Dome Camera Surveillance Systems:

  • Ultra HD 4K Resolution
  • Motorized Zoom Lens
  • Remote Zooming Capability
  • 100ft IR Night Vision
  • IP67 All-Weather Use

The motorized dome camera takes the ultra HD 4K line up a notch by adding a remote zoom function to your dome camera surveillance systems. This allows you to zoom in or pan out at the touch of your fingers with the LaView mobile app.

HD 4MP Dome Camera Surveillance Systems:

  • HD 4MP Resolution
  • Over 4 Million Pixels per Image
  • Full HD at 20 fps
  • IR Night Vision up to 100ft
  • IP67 Weatherproofing

HD 4MP dome cameras land right in the center of both price and performance. This makes for an exceptional intersection of manageable price point and professional features. 4MP resolution brings you over 4 million pixels per unique image. This provides you high-end clarity for a median price. Along with that, we suggest installing these in mid-size stores or medium-size cafes or restaurants. Small business owners will find that this dome camera surveillance system will provide them the professional coverage they need while helping stay withing their budget.

The HD 4MP line is great about providing high-end resolution at an impressive frame-rate. This makes for the most fluid visual experience at 20fps with HD 4MP resolution. Plus, customizable motion detection and 100ft night vision keep you aware of any significant events on your property, 24/7. Combine this with the vandal-proof dome and you have one of the top camera options across all of our product lines.

HD 4MP Motorized Dome Camera Surveillance Systems:

  • HD 4MP Resolution
  • Motorized Zoom Lens
  • Zoom in and Pan out Remotely
  • 100ft IR Night Vision
  • Customizable Motion Detection

HD 4MP Motorized Dome Camera

Motorized dome cameras are always a good idea for places of business where long-distance coverage is crucial. Think warehouses or stores with long lines of sight. That’s where the remote zoom function comes in handy, so you can see as much or as detailed as you need while on the go.

HD 1080P PoE Dome Camera Surveillance Systems:

  • HD 1080P Resolution
  • 105° Wide-Angle View
  • 100ft IR Night Vision
  • IP67 Weatherproof Rating
  • IK10 Impact Protection

The HD 1080P dome camera surveillance system brings you one of the top economical options for professional security. These are a good idea if you need a high volume of cameras and want to keep your cost down. Some businesses may want to consider that if they need many units to cover a large amount of space. Conversely, this may just be a good idea to keep costs down in general even if you don’t require a high volume of cameras. For that reason, small businesses along with some homes may want to consider these.

They provide over 2 million pixels per unique image at a high frame rate. Their max recording resolution is available at 30fps which is around equivalent to the rate at which the human eye sees. This gives you clarity with a fluidity in the motion that seems natural with no lag or visual tearing at a high frame rate. As a result, you get high performance at a great price.

HD 1080P Wi-Fi Dome Camera Surveillance Systems:

  • HD 1080P Resolution
  • Wi-Fi Data Transmission
  • 50m Wi-Fi Range
  • 106° Wide-Angle Viewing
  • Onboard Micro SD Storage

WiFi Dome Camera Surveillance Systems

The HD 1080P Wi-Fi dome camera surveillance system brings you the same visual benefits as the other HD 1080P dome options along with wireless data transmission. This opens up your property to a whole new set of possibilities when it comes to set up and installation. This line of cameras connects to your existing Wi-Fi network, eliminating the need for a dedicated data cable per camera. All you have to do is mount the camera, plug it in to power and connect to your existing Wi-Fi network. From there, you are ready to record.

We always suggest these as one of the top solutions for businesses that have long range network needs. Large offices with warehouses particularly benefit from this because you can have everything running on one Wi-Fi network. When you take into consideration the long-distance Wi-Fi transmission on these dome camera surveillance systems, you end up with flexibility, range and convenience, which are all assets to any company.

HD 720P Varifocal Dome Camera Surveillance Systems:

  • HD 720P Resolution
  • Adjustable Varifocal Zoom
  • Full HD at 30fps
  • IP66 Weatherproofing
  • Protective Dome Covering

HD 720P varifocal dome cameras bring a unique functionality to your property with the best price out of any of the dome options. The full HD resolution provides you with a more-than-sufficient viewing quality while the adjustable zoom brings you a custom viewing distance. At the point of installation, you can adjust the level of zoom on your camera. You can also go back and adjust this after installation if you need to make changes.

Custom Security Camera System

These dome cameras are the best option for saving money while still having professional-grade surveillance on your property. Easily adjust your zoom and enjoy full HD viewing. They come in a two-pack which makes them a great option for adding to any PoE security system. Just plug these dome camera surveillance systems right into your NVR with a PoE cable and you will be all set to record and livestream your full HD footage.