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Video Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance cameras originally started as solutions for governments to monitor large-scale, important projects. As they progressed into integrable commercial solutions, businesses began implementing them as their first line of defense against theft and crime. Video surveillance cameras began adding a sense of safety and accountability to the public space.

Video Surveillance Cameras

As the decades progressed, home technology began to grow in leaps and bounds. We went from the basics like radios and televisions to VCR’s and video game consoles to fully integrated home automation systems in the last few years.

Over the last two decades or so, video surveillance cameras for home security have become more and more common. The industry has exploded with new tech that upgrades your home security with video surveillance cameras. Within the last year, LaView has been looking to push the boundaries of home security cameras by offering the ONE Series, which tackles the one-off security needs while integrating into a larger connected system if you so choose.

Introducing the Future of Indoor Home Video Surveillance Cameras

Today, we’re going to spotlight a couple of indoor WiFi security cameras that were with us at the launch of the ONE Series. They are staples of the product line that are the perfect additions to indoor, family-friendly surveillance. Say hello to the ONE Dot and ONE PT indoor video surveillance cameras.

Each of these cameras provides their own brand of family-friendly, hassle-free surveillance tech to the household. For that reason, these are perfect options for families or people with pets who want to have instant, easy access to a view of their home.

Both of these video surveillance cameras slot in seamlessly to your interior without commanding too much attention. That means your family and your guests won’t feel as though they are under surveillance, but you can still look in on your home remotely as needed.

We’re going to walk you through the features along with some ideas for the best practical uses of these video surveillance cameras.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go with ONE Dot Video Surveillance Cameras!

The ONE Dot is easily our most portable indoor, WiFi video surveillance camera. Its diminutive size makes it perfect for any blending in with any interior room. Place it on a bookshelf in your living room to overlook the entire space.

It features a magnetic base that makes it easy to stick on any surface to capture any angle. This can be particularly helpful if you want it overlooking the kitchen. You can stick this video surveillance camera to the fridge or any other metal surface to gain just the right view.

One Dot HD 1080P Surveillance Camera

To customize your placement capabilities even further, we have included a metal mounting plate that is the perfect size for the ONE Dot video surveillance camera’s magnetic base. This strong magnetic adhesion allows for vertical mounting. From there, the ball-and-swivel design allows you to angle the camera however you like from the base!

Enjoy all of this along with remote viewing of your full HD livestream and playback footage via the LaView ONE app. This makes for the most mobile viewing experience we offer with the movability of the video surveillance camera and the easy remote viewing!

ONE Dot Video Surveillance Camera’s Features:

  • HD 1080P Resolution
  • Magnetic Base
  • Built-in 2-way Audio
  • Wi-Fi Data Transmission
  • 25ft IR Night Vision
  • Customizable Motion Detection
  • Micro SD Slot up to 128GB (card not included)
  • Cloud Storage Option

Monitor Your Household with the ONE Dot – $59

Baby/Pet Monitoring with ONE Dot Video Surveillance Camera

The ONE Dot is one of our top indoor video surveillance cameras at its core, but it also has some every day, practical uses that you man not have thought of. It serves as an excellent baby monitor. When you think about indoor surveillance camera coverage for your family, you will want excellent image quality. You get that and more with the camera’s full HD 1080P resolution; you’ll see all the details.

Place the ONE Dot in the baby room to ensure a clear view of your little one, day and night. Its exceptional IR night vision will provide coverage at night up to 25ft. This will keep you in visual contact with your child at all times.

Along with that, the ONE Dot is equipped with a built-in mic and speaker for two-way audio. This will allow you to speak through your LaView ONE app to your little one and listen in to the room as you need.

Apply all of the above to using this as a pet monitor! If you are gone to work for long periods of the day, this is the perfect solution for looking in on your furry friends that await your return!

Consider a ONE Series Video Surveillance Combo

The ONE Dot is an excellent choice for monitoring the interior of your house as family friendly security. But, if you need to keep an eye on the exterior of your home, you may want to consider a front door security solution.

The ONE Peek is the answer to this. It is a full HD peephole doorbell camera. It slots into your existing peephole with a mini touchscreen monitor that installs to the interior of the hole. This adds another layer of family-friendly security to the mix, which can be monitored on the same LaView ONE app as the ONE Dot or with the mini touchscreen monitor.

Learn more about the ONE Peek:

Peephole Doorbell Security Camera

Panoramic Coverage with ONE PT Video Surveillance Cameras

The ONE PT is an indoor camera that can cover an entire room by itself. It’s remote pan and tilt controls allow you to control the direction of the camera remotely. This gives you full control over your view, bringing the interior of your home to your fingertips at any time!

A highly unique feature of the ONE PT is its ability to take a panoramic snapshot of its surroundings. From there, you can use the LaView ONE app from your mobile device to tap on the portion of the picture you would like the camera to turn to. When you input that finger tap command, you the ONE PT will instantly turn to that point. This is just another convenient way for you to control the camera’s positioning. This is one of the most convenient motion controls of any of our video surveillance cameras.

ONE PT Video Surveillance Cameras

These sophisticated motion features along with HD resolution allows you to cover more than ever before with just a single camera in your home.

ONE PT Video Surveillance Camera’s Features:

  • HD 1080P Resolution
  • 360° Remote Pan Capability
  • Automatic Motion Tracking
  • 360° Panoramic Touch Control
  • Built-in 2-way Audio
  • Wi-Fi Data Transmission
  • Micro SD Card Slot up to 128GB (card not included)
  • Cloud Storage Option

Gain All-Around Coverage with the ONE PT – $79

Another ONE Series Combo

As we mentioned earlier, combining your ONE Series video surveillance cameras on your LaView ONE app is the best way to gain instant visual access to your home.

With the ONE PT giving you a panoramic view of your interior, you will need some equally high-quality, wide-angle coverage for the outside. Consider the ONE Nova! It is our motion activated, HD 1080P floodlight camera with PIR thermal detection as well as a 100db siren.

Learn More About the ONE Nova Floodlight Camera!

Outdoor Floodlight Security Camera

Combine it with the ONE PT or any other ONE Series cameras to experience end-to-end home security coverage.