Motion Detection Camera System – Get Professional Functionality

Motion Detection Camera System

Surveillance has two basic functions. The first is to allow people to gain a live view of points of interest on their property. The other main function is to allow the user to access recordings to review significant events and provide evidence as needed. This is where a motion detection camera system comes in handy.

Motion Detection Camera System

With those 2 functions at their core, they secure your home or business. An important distinction that goes along with this is how fast you are able to access your footage. With our most up-to-date security camera systems, you can have instant access to your footage, regardless of where you are.

A motion detection camera system ensures that you know what is going on at your property at all times. It keeps you connected through instant mobile notifications. This allows you to instantly view your live footage or review the event that triggered the motion sensor.

Professional Functionality with a Motion Detection Camera System

The detection on our cameras is much more sophisticated than you may expect. The cameras don’t simply alert you every single time they detect motion. This is an option if you want them to do that. But they are fully customizable to help you only detect the motion that matters.

Motion detection has to do with the individual pixels in your camera’s capture image. Each one of our HD security cameras provides millions of pixels per unique image. When you have motion detection in use, the camera recognizes the colors and shadows in its usual field of view. As each frame is captured, if enough of those colors and shadows shift in a given area of pixels, a motion alert will be triggered.

With that said, this is fully customizable to ensure you are not inundated with a bevy of false alarms. You can choose custom areas for your camera to scan for motion. Plus, you can set your motion detection camera system to only be active at certain times of day. This is particularly helpful if you are away for long periods of the day and want to make sure no one is breaking in or trespassing on your property.

Learn more about motion detection camera systems with this kit:

HD 4MP 8 Channel, 6 Camera System – $709

  • 4x HD 4MP Bullet Cameras
  • 2x HD 4MP Dome Cameras
  • 1x 8-Channel UHD 4K NVR
  • 6x 100ft. PoE Cables
  • Customizable Motion Detector
  • 100ft IR Night Vision
  • IP6 Weatherproofing

HD 4MP Security Camera System

Smart Settings for Your Motion Detection Camera System

As we mentioned, you are able to fully customize your motion settings with any LaView motion detection camera system. First, you can decide if you want your cameras to continuously record or only record with detection.

If you need continuous recording, then you always have the option to set your motion detection camera systems on 24-hour monitoring. In that mode, you can still have your cameras monitor for motion events to keep you alert to anything that occurs on your property.

If you are interested in saving recording space on your NVR, then it is a good idea to set your motion detection camera systems to only record when they detect motion. By doing this, you are still capturing the most vital moments of motion while being alert to them with mobile push notifications. This will save you a huge amount of storage space, allowing you to save your important footage and not worry about managing that for a substantial amount of time.

Check out the customizable settings of this Wi-Fi system:

8 Channel, HD 1080P 2 Bullet + 2 Dome Wi-Fi System – $499

  • 2x Wi-Fi Bullet Cameras
  • 2x Wi-Fi Dome Cameras
  • 8 Channel Wi-Fi NVR
  • Customizable Motion Detector
  • 150 Meter Wi-Fi Transmission Distance
  • IP66 and IP67 Weatherproofing

Wi-Fi Outdoor Bullet Camera

Customizing Your Motion Detection Camera System Area

When you customize your motion detection camera systems settings, you can choose specific areas in your cameras field of view to be scanned for motion. Conversely, you can deliberately leave out areas where motion constantly occurs so that you are not alerted to every single movement.

For example, you may want to avoid detection on the side of a camera’s view where the family or pets constantly pass by, while scanning for motion on the other side where there is a window or other potential entrance.

Along with this sophisticated customization comes the ability to set virtual lines, that if crossed, will trigger a motion alert. This allows you to use your motion detection camera systems to set virtual barriers in priority areas around your property.

Entrances and areas with a large number of valuables are the best idea for this type of coverage.

Get professional features and detection of motion at a great price with this system:

16 Channel, 8 HD 1080P IP Motion Detection Camera System – $999

  • 8x HD 1080P Bullet Cameras
  • 1x 16-Channel NVR
  • 8x 100ft. PoE Cables
  • 3TB Surveillance Grade Hard Drive
  • Customizable Motion Detector
  • IR Night Vision up to 100ft
  • IP66 Weatherproofing

Thermal Detection for Your Motion Detection Camera System

Some of our camera systems take detection to the next level. These kits feature PIR sensors, which use thermal detection technology to improve your motion detection camera systems. By detecting thermal signals, the cameras can tell when there is a human/animal in the area compared to inanimate moving objects. You wouldn’t want to be alerted every time a tree branch sways in the wind or when cars drive by in some cases.

The particular motion detection camera system with PIR sensor in question features bullet cameras. As a result, you have comprehensive security coverage with an element of crime deterrence provided by the bullet cameras.

Take a closer look at the motion detection camera systems:

Ultra HD 4K PIR Sensor System – $939

  • 6x Ultra HD 4K Bullet Cameras with PIR
  • 1x 8-Channel 4K UHD NVR
  • 6x 100ft PoE Cables
  • PIR Thermal Detection
  • Customizable Motion Detector
  • 100ft IR Night Vision
  • IP66 Weatherproofing

Ultra HD 4K PIR Camera

Thermal Detection Plus Strobe Light

An upgraded version of our PIR system includes strobe light cameras. These crime deterring cameras are equipped with ultra-bright LED lights that flash on when the PIR sensor is triggered. This acts an exceptional crime deterrent as those who may be trespassing would be startled and scared off. Plus, the flashing attracts area to the attention at night – a criminal’s worst enemy.

One of the best features with the strobe light cameras is the ability to enable the flashing effect or to turn it off. This makes it so that you don’t have the strobe light flashing on you, your family or other visitors. You can schedule the strobe light function to only work at night when everyone is in for the night. Conversely, if you need that function all the time, you have the option for that to always occur when motion is detected.

Similar to most of our professional features, a motion detection camera system allows you to fully customize motion functionality. With that, you will have a system that is tailored to your property’s needs.

Here are the details on the system:

Ultra HD 4K PIR + Strobe Light Motion Detection Camera System – $1,029

  • 4x Ultra HD 4K Bullet Cameras with PIR
  • 2x Ultra HD 4K Bullet Cameras with PIR + Strobe Light
  • 1x 8-Channel 4K UHD NVR
  • 6x 100ft PoE Cables
  • PIR Thermal Detection
  • Ultra-Bright Motion Triggered Strobe Lights
  • Customizable Motion Detector
  • 100ft IR Night Vision
  • IP66 Weatherproofing