Security Camera Systems – Install Now & Fight Crime

Security Camera Systems Fight Crime

Security camera systems are implemented for many reasons. In homes, people want to keep an eye on loved ones and pets. They may even want to see who’s at the door without being home or be able to communicate to delivery people where to leave packages. We have security camera solutions for these practical needs.

Security Camera Systems Fight Crime

In places of business, owners may want to keep an eye on employees to view operations from afar. They also may want to have a view of back areas and stock rooms to make sure shipments arrive properly. We have plenty of surveillance camera solutions for this, too.

These are all real needs that people want to address with their security camera systems. But, beyond these practical uses, there are the main functions of video surveillance: deterring crime and providing evidence. Bottom line, these are the things that matter the most when it comes to arming your property with security cameras.

Security Camera Systems Effectively Reduce Crime

Installing a security camera system as a means of deterring crime and promoting legal accountability is always a good idea. As an example of this on a larger scale, take Camden, NJ.

Two years ago, the city of Camden had the highest crime rate in America. Their murder rate was astronomically higher than the average across the country. To combat these predominantly drug-related violent crimes, Camden created a new police force.

A huge component of this increased police presence included an integrated surveillance initiative. They covered around 70% of the city with state-of-the art security cameras. This created a matrix of surveillance coverage that has allowed the police to step up their presence and responses to crime in the city. It has also proven to deter crime in itself.

The implementation of surveillance into policing in Camden serves as a macrocosm to the DIY security camera system experience. The police department there monitors their own security and is able to react accordingly. Their response time to crimes was reduced by half with this process. Overall, in the early stages of this new policing, crime was down almost 15% (and is expected to continue dropping).

When you choose to install surveillance cameras, it is your security in your hands. Camden serves as a wonderful (albeit large-scale) example of the deterrence and safety that security cameras can bring to your property.

Take a look at what happens when a LaView camera captures crucial high-quality footage of criminal activity:

Security Camera Systems Combat Burglaries

One of the biggest nightmares for any business owner is a burglary during business hours. Especially if it is a retail location or restaurant. This puts employees and patrons at risk as perpetrators are often armed.

As a business owner, it is your basic responsibility to keep your employees and customers safe with surveillance.

If someone does try to rob your place of business, it is important to keep employees informed on what to do. If the presence of your security cameras isn’t enough to deter someone from committing a frightening and dangerous crime, you will need to ensure you have the proper surveillance evidence for the authorities.

We recommend:

Ultra HD 4K Bullet Camera Security System

  • Highest resolution option – 4K clarity.
  • Obvious outward housing designed to catch the eye.
  • Instant access to full HD livestream and playback.
  • For best coverage, place above registers and entrances.

Take a closer look at the Ultra HD 4K Bullet Camera Security System!

4K Security Camera System

Security Camera Systems Catch Break-Ins

Leaving your property is always a source of concern. When your business closes up for the night, you know there is always a possibility of people trying to break in. Those that are desperate enough to break in to your property, are willing to find ways in. They are looking for the weak points in your building where they can easily gain access or force their way in.

Even if you have locking gates and an alarm system, it isn’t enough. People that break in are typically looking to act as quickly as they can. Generally, they are long gone before the police arrive.

This demands a security camera system to provide you visual evidence of anything that occurs on your property. This is especially useful for an after hours break-in. The best security camera system for this job would be something with advanced IR night vision surveillance.

We recommend:

HD 5MP Color Night Vision Security Camera System

HD 5MP Bullet Cameras

  • High-end HD 5MP resolution.
  • Full color night vision option.
  • Traditional IR night vision option
  • For best coverage, place outdoors for a full view with IR night vision.

Learn more about the HD 5MP Color Night Vision Security Camera System.

Security Camera Systems Deter Car Theft

One of the most vulnerable areas of your home is your driveway. Many people have multiple cars, or they use their garage for other storage purposes. This leaves their cars in the driveway.

In 2017, statistics showed that over 750,000 vehicles were stolen in the US. This means, if you have a car sitting in your driveway at home, it is one of the hottest targets for theft. Even if a perpetrator doesn’t make off with your car, they may still target it if you leave bags or other valuables inside. Breaking into a car is much easier and much lower risk than breaking into a home.

For this purpose, you will want to have outdoor coverage on the front of your house, facing the driveway. With motion detection, you’ll receive an instant push notification of motion is detected on your camera. This will give you time to react and call the police.

This LaView security camera system captured crystal clear night vision footage as well as deterred potential car theft:

Ultra HD 4K Security Camera System with Strobe Lights

  • Crystal-clear Ultra HD 4K resolution.
  • 2 strobe light bullet cameras for crime deterrence.
  • 4 bullet cameras with PIR thermal detection sensors.
  • For best coverage, place 1-2 cameras on home exterior, facing driveway.

Want thermal detection as well as strobe light coverage? Check out the Ultra HD 4K Security Camera System with Strobe Lights.

8 Camera System Strobe Light

Front Door Security Cameras Grant You 24/7 Visual Access

Doorbell cameras and other front door security camera systems are often presented as family-friendly solutions to see who’s at the door. They are often packaged as the best option for communicating with delivery people when you are away. These points of value are absolutely true. But, beyond these everyday applications, they are your first line of defense for front door security.

There are many people that will lurk around neighborhoods, both during the day and at night, trying doorknobs. One of the easiest ways for people to gain access to loot a home is an unlocked door.

If you are away from home, you need a way of knowing who is at your door, along with a away of interacting with the person in case you need to intervene.

We recommend:

ONE Peek Peephole Doorbell Security Camera System

Peephole Doorbell Camera

  • Full HD resolution.
  • Installs easily into your existing peephole.
  • Interior touchscreen monitor for easy viewing.
  • 2-way audio for communication and crime deterrence.

Front door viewing along with multiple viewing options – explore the ONE Peek!

Peephole Doorbell Security Camera

Indoor Security Camera Systems Provide Evidence

Experiencing a home invasion is one of the scariest things for a homeowner to deal with. This is particularly true for those with children. You should have a plan of action to keep you and your family safe.

Having a security camera system with motion detection can make all the difference in keeping you and your loved ones safe. When you receive a mobile push notification, it gives you a window of opportunity to react. You can call the police, move you and your loved ones out of a rear entrance, or lock an interior door and wait for the authorities to show up.

For this, you need a full security camera system that can be used to cover the inside of you home as well as the perimeter of your property.

Ultra HD 4K PIR Sensor Security Camera System

  • Ultra HD 4K resolution.
  • PIR thermal sensors detect human/animal motion for reduced false alarms.
  • Bullet camera design catches the eye and deters crime.
  • For best coverage, install half of the cameras indoors and the other half outdoors.

Let the HD 4K PIR Sensor Security Camera System upgrade your viewing experience as well as your motion detection capabilities!