8 Camera Security System – Put More Eyes On Your Safety

8 Camera Security System

There’s no denying that the more expansive you go with your security, the more comprehensive your security camera system will be. More eyes on your property with the potential for overlapping coverage from multiple angles is always a good idea. An 8 camera security system is the perfect solution for this type of coverage.

8 Camera Security System

The more you can see of a specific movement or event from various vantage points, the better. For this reason, we always suggest upping the number of cameras in your system for the most coverage.

If you have a big property, the idea of more cameras is born of a simple need to cover a larger area. Medium and small properties should also consider an 8 camera security system to experience the benefits of overlapping coverage.

To help you make an informed decision on which 8 camera security system is right for you, we have compiled a list of the top 8 (see what we did there?) systems in the category!

Ultra HD 4K, 8 Camera Security System – 6 Bullet + 2 Strobe Light Cameras

First on the list is our Ultra HD 4K Strobe Light 8 Camera Security System. This system features 6 bullet cameras with PIR sensors. Those sophisticated thermal sensors improve your motion detection to distinguish between humans/animals and inanimate objects. So, say goodbye to false alarms of cars driving by or trees blowing in the wind!

The other 2 bullet cameras feature ultra-bright strobe lights that flash on to deter crime! Thus, the combination of bullet cameras in the system will bring you comprehensive coverage with accountability and crime deterrence – hallmarks of any top-tier security system.

8 Camera System Strobe Light

Strobe Light 8 Camera Security System Highlights:

  • Ultra HD 4K/8MP Resolution
  • Thermal Detecting PIR Sensors
  • Crime Deterring Strobe Lights
  • IR Night Vision up to 100ft
  • Customizable Motion Detection

Ultra HD 4K, 16 Channel, 8 Camera Security System – 8 Bullet Cameras

Next on the list is our Ultra HD 4K 16 Channel, Bullet 8 Camera Security System. Ultra HD 4K is the industry’s leading resolution quality with over 8 million pixels in each unique image. Consequently, at 20 frames per second, you are getting the most detail possible out of your cameras.

8 bullet cameras give you the ideal amount of security for all around the interior and exterior of your home or business. Install them around the perimeter and on the interior of your property in priority areas. Also, the 16 channel NVR will have 8 free channels for you to add on any of our IP cameras if you need to expand your surveillance coverage.

Bullet 8 Camera Security System Highlights:

  • Ultra HD 4K/8MP Resolution
  • Self-Adaptive Lens
  • 4K at 20fps
  • IR Night Vision up to 100ft
  • H.265+ Compression

HD 4MP, 8 Camera Security System – 4 Bullet + 2 Dome + 2 Add-on Turrets

Here we have the HD 4MP security camera system. Technically, this is a 6 camera system with added on turret cameras, but the HD 4MP line is too good not to include on this list. Plus, this is the perfect demonstration of the scalability and customization options you gain by choosing LaView.

With this custom set up, you are gaining the obvious coverage of bullet cameras, the discreet surveillance of dome cameras and the versatility of turrets. Have a closer look at our HD 4MP turret cameras that will round out this system. Their enhanced EXIR night vision makes these the ideal cameras for 24/7 surveillance.

HD 4MP Security Camera System

HD 4MP Camera Security System Highlights:

  • HD 4MP Resolution
  • Protective Dome Coverage
  • Enhanced EXIR Night Vision
  • 3 Types of Surveillance Coverage
  • Remote Viewing via Free Mobile App

HD 1080P, 16 Channel, 8 Camera Security System – 4 Bullet + 4 Dome

The HD 1080P line had to be represented on the list. Our HD 1080P bullet and dome camera system is one of the best ways for you to get a well-rounded, full HD surveillance system for a great price. Though HD 1080P is our base resolution for our IP camera line, it provides more-than-sufficient, high definition footage.

4 bullet cameras and 4 dome cameras provide you two different types of surveillance to serve your property. The bullets are perfect for entrances and high priority areas like registers to catch the eye if you are implementing them in a business setting. Conversely, the dome cameras are discreet and blend in with any interior.

Need great image resolution as well as professional features in a custom system? Check out our Build Your Kit option!

Custom Security Camera System

HD 1080P 8 Camera Security System Highlights:

  • HD 1080P Resolution
  • 4 Bullet Cameras
  • 4 Dome Cameras
  • 8 Free Channels for Expansion
  • Easy PoE Setup

HD 1080P, 16 Channel, 8 Camera Security System – 8 Dome

Similar to the last system, this HD 1080P dome camera system features 8 free channels that allows you to further customize your system. You can add any of our IP cameras to the mix to address your property’s needs. Though, the base of this kit is likely enough for you to fully cover your property.

We suggest using your dome cameras for interior surveillance, even though they are perfectly suited for outdoor surveillance as well with their IP67 weatherproofing. The value of using these cameras inside, though, is their aesthetic appeal. They fit in to most interior designs without drawing too much attention to themselves. Plus, their protective domes mask the direction of the lens, unsettling those who do notice them.

If you want to learn more about our HD 1080P options as well as more top security solutions, check out our previous post:

IP Security Cameras

HD 1080P Dome 8 Camera Security System Highlights:

  • Full HD 1080P Resolution
  • 16 PoE Network Channels
  • 8 Dome Cameras
  • Subtle Design for Interior Coverage
  • Vandal-proof Protective Domes

HD Analog 5MP, 8 Camera Security System – 8 Bullet

The HD 5MP color night vision system was a no-brainer to include on this list. It is easily one of our best camera systems at an extremely reasonable price. As a result, you’ll experience high-end HD 5MP resolution around the clock. At night, you can choose between full color night vision and traditional black-and-white IR night vision for the perfect coverage in extreme low-light conditions.

HD 5MP Bullet Cameras

HD Analog 5MP 8 Camera Security System Highlights:

  • HD 5MP Resolution
  • Full Color Night Vision Option
  • Traditional IR Night Vision up to 65ft
  • Customizable Motion Detection
  • Consolidated BNC Cabling

HD Analog 1080P, 16 Channel, 8 Camera Security System – 4 Bullet + 4 Turret

The HD analog 1080P system is one of the best value systems available. It saves you money by being a great alternative to our IP systems while providing excellent coverage. It is also one of the only systems available that already includes turret cameras.

Turret cameras bring a unique brand of surveillance to your setup. They can be mounted in tricky, hard-to-cover places and then angled perfectly with their ball-and-swivel design. These grant you access to areas that would be otherwise impossible to cover due to mounting limitations.

HD Analog 1080P 8 Camera Security System Highlights:

  • Full HD 1080P Resolution
  • HD Analog Updated Technology
  • 8 Free Channels for Expansion
  • 4 Bullet Cameras
  • 4 Turret Cameras

HD 1080P Analog Security Cameras

HD 1080P Wi-Fi, 8 Camera Security System – 8 Bullet Cameras

Finally, we leave off with the HD 1080P Wi-Fi camera system. This camera opens up your surveillance setup to limitless options. These cameras feature full HD 1080P live view and playback (which you can access remotely). What’s more, these feature up to 150 meter Wi-Fi transmission in open areas. In areas with barriers (walls, doors, etc.) they still boast considerable wireless transmission up to 100ft.

This is the perfect option for anyone that wants to avoid drilling for data cables, or anyone with multiple buildings to cover. Plug into power and connect to Wi-Fi and you are ready to record!

Wi-Fi Outdoor Bullet Camera

HD 1080P Wi-Fi 8 Camera Security System Highlights:

  • HD 1080P Resolution
  • Wireless Network Connection
  • 150 Meter Transmission Distance (with line of sight)
  • 100ft Transmission Distance (with walls, etc.)
  • Remote Viewing via Free App.