1080P Varifocal Dome Camera

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1080P Varifocal Dome Camera


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  • Watch over your estate in vivid HD 1080P clarity.

  • Easy to use manual varifocal lens to zoom

  • IP66 weatherproof cameras designed for indoor/outdoor use.

  • Save on time and cabling costs with our effortless 3-Step Installation

  • Sleek antenna-free design with IK10 Vandal-proof rating prevents troublemakers from tampering

  • Built-in MicroSD card slot supports up to 64GB and can store precious backup or standalone footage

  • Easy portability allows for location switching without the need to drill holes 

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    Your safe heaven deserves the best, and no one should ever fear being in or out of their own property at any time of the day. Take control by installing this varifocal surveillance system in your home to ensure you are always connected.

    Varifocal Lens

    The camera is equipped with special adjustable lens that
    will allow you to fully control precise camera angle you
    desire. Use 2 simple pins to have full control over your
    viewing angle.

    Superior Controls

    See farther in crystal HD recording  without losing any details.
    This varifocal lens is perfect for faraway gates or areas you
     may specially want to monitor.

    Weatherproofing with Full Metal Casing

    Rated IP66, the operating temperature can go as low as -22°F and
    up to 140°F. Place them indoor or outdoor, where you need those
    extra security measures. Metal casing and vandal proof shell
    ensures your camera can not be tampered with easily.

    Onboard Storage Optional

    No NVR? No problem - simply insert micro SD card to store all video
    data directly onto the camera itself. This is optional and is not
    required to fuly utilize the camera's full capacity. 

    Gain Complete Awareness to Your Camera's Surroundings

    Receive push notifications when motion is detected anywhere on
    the camera, or have the ability to customize exact areas you always
    want to be alerted whenever there's any movement. This is idea if your
    camera must face a busy street - customize so you only get alerted to
    what's only important to you.

    Be There, Even When You Can't See

    Night vision technology helps you capture images when the
    human eye cannot – the camera’s IR is capable to reach up
    to 100ft even in the darkness.

    All of the Above, in One Single App

    Enjoy your new window to your home even while on the go, 24/7
    with our free mobile app LaView Net. Download it free from
    Apple Store or Google Play today.